10 Reasons Why American Bullies Are So Popular

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Like many Americans, I absolutely adore American Bullies. My extra-large American Bully is the apple of my eye, and his personality and temperament explain why these playful, powerful dogs have increased in popularity.

Though American Bullies look fierce and intimidating, they’re one of the friendliest dog breeds you’ll come across — and there are many more reasons why people love these canines.

Here are 10 reasons why American Bullies are so popular:

  1. They’re incredibly friendly.
  2. They have a warm personality.
  3. American bullies are fiercely loyal.
  4. They’re easy to train.
  5. They are compatible with active families.
  6. American Bullies are compatible with other dog breeds.
  7. They have few grooming requirements.
  8. Their cool temperament makes for a great pet.
  9. They’re highly energetic.
  10. American Bullies have few exercise requirements.

In this article, I’ll discuss a few reasons why American Bullies are now a renowned breed. Read on to learn more about the breed’s attractive features.

1. They’re Incredibly Friendly

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, right? That’s the case with an American Bully. While the name “bully” may have a negative meaning among many people, it doesn’t describe an American Bully. Though this dog breed has a muscular and intimidating look, an American Bully is both friendly and gentle when properly trained and socialized.

xl american bully showing its paws

People mistake American Bullies for aggressive and fierce dogs, but that’s not the case. An American Bully is an affectionate dog that loves nothing more than showing love for their owner. Hence, they’re now a famous lap dog that’ll always snuggle on you whenever they get a chance.

2. They Have a Warm Personality

training american bully with a heart shaped plush toy

The American Bully has an excellent character. The dog isn’t only friendly but cheerful and loving. As such, you can always expect kisses, licks, head tilts, and tail wagging. Their pleasant personality makes them a perfect family dog, even to new pet owners.

American Bullies were bred from the American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier to produce a canine with a lower prey drive and a more gentle nature. With that said, they’re still very powerful animals and they aren’t the pet for everyone — they require an owner that’s patient, caring, and willing to train and socialize the dog to the best of their ability.

A well-trained, loved, and cared for American Bully wants nothing more than to please their owner. The American Bullies’ ability to bond with humans makes them an excellent pet. They also understand pack hierarchy like most domesticated dogs.

These dogs make great family pets, even if you have children. However, it’s still important to observe them keenly when playing with toddlers, infants, or small children, as their playful nature and large body size may cause accidents. Additionally, teach your children how to behave around pets — they shouldn’t pull, poke, sit, or ride on any dog.

3. American Bullies Are Fiercely Loyal

american bully waiting for its owner

As you likely already know, American Bullies have an intimidating appearance and a deep bark. Oftentimes, this is enough to deter a would-be intruder. But it’s not just their looks that cause them to ward off those with ill-intentions. American Bullies always seek to protect their owner from danger.

Because of their tendency to become protective around their family members (whom they view as their “pack”), it’s important to socialize American Bullies from a young age. Offer them plenty of stimulating activities and play, teach them basic commands, and get them around people and other animals whenever possible.

If you own an American Bully, consider yourself lucky as they’ll always have your best interest at heart.

4. They’re Easy to Train

american bully at the beach

Don’t listen to the rumors — American Bullies are not untrainable or even challenging to train. These stable and confident canines are willing to follow a strong, respectable leader, and their intelligence is worth noting.

American Bullies are capable of picking up on commands rather quickly. Even still, I advise all American Bully owners to start training as early as possible — and consistency is key. Adopt positive reinforcement methods as opposed to punishing for negative behaviors.

Despite what you’ve heard, it is possible to train this dog breed into a watchdog to guard your home without being dangerous to the community around you.

5. They Are Compatible With Active Families

Active families are ideal companions for American Bullies. These dogs love to spend time with their families and enjoy playing, hiking, running, walking, and other physical activities. These happy canines love being near humans — even children.

The dog breed forms harmonious relationships with all family members, and with good training and socialization, an American Bully will also embrace strangers. 

Again, teach your children how to behave around all animals. As long as they’re respectful to the dog, and do not poke, prod, pull, ride, or otherwise aggravate the animal, these flexible, playful, kind creatures are sure to be very patient.

6. American Bullies Are Compatible With Other Dog Breeds

Like most domesticated dog breeds, American Bullies may cause trouble when meeting new canines if they’re not properly socialized. It’s not a trait limited to the American Bully or pitbull breeds in general — it’s a dog thing, period. This is why dog experts encourage people to socialize (with people and other animals) and train their dogs from an early age.

Take your American Bully puppy for walks around the neighborhood regularly. Let it get used to the smells, sounds, and sights near your home. Additionally, take it out for playtime at a dog park on a regular basis. Introduce him to friends, family members, and even strangers in your community. Take your American Bully along to community events so that he can familiarize himself with acceptable social behaviors.

Early exposure to training makes American Bully puppies learn how to socialize, both at home and in public. Although it’s normal for dogs to be territorial, early introduction to others will prevent your American Bully from escalating the situation.

7. They Have Few Grooming Requirements

portrait of oso american bully xl

Unlike many dog breeds, the American Bully is easy to groom, a factor that substantially reduces their maintenance needs. Their smooth skin with short hair requires a quick brushing only once a week.

The number of times you bathe your dog depends on their environment and how active they are. However, a once-per-month bath can suffice for the American Bully.

It’s advisable to brush your dog’s teeth every day, as many dogs suffer from gum disease around three to five years of age. Also, clip their nails as often as advised by your local veterinary officer or a qualified groomer.

Finally, keep your dog up to date on their vaccinations and regular checkups to ensure good health.

8. Their Cool Temperament Makes for a Great Pet

The American Bully has an appealing temperament. They’re gentle and lively as they rarely exhibit hostile behavior. For these reasons, the dog breed is an ideal friend for humans. Hence, many wouldn’t hesitate to pet them.

kind american bully dog with a cat

Since American Bullies resulted from cross-breeding, breeders did this selectively to wipe out aggressive traits initially present in the parental breeds.

The American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier were the primary breeds that produced American Bullies. Other breeds whose genes make this dog breed are Mastiff, English Bulldog, and the American Bulldog.

9. They’re Highly Energetic

Do you love energetic dogs? Well, the American Bully has a body shape that resembles that of a bodybuilder. They have a masculine physique and are proportionally energetic. So, if you train them well, the dog works perfectly as a home guard.

How energetic your American Bully grows depends on how you take care of them. Therefore, proper nutrition and physical exercise are two important care practices. A general rule of thumb is that dogs require a calorific input of 30 calories per pound of body weight each day.

Your American Bully will need high-quality dog food to thrive.

For instance, you should feed the puppies on large-breed puppy food for the first 14 months. Such feeding ensures that they grow and develop steadily. However, you shouldn’t include calcium supplements in the puppies’ diet until adulthood.

Your adult American Bully will need quality food for large-breed dogs. In addition, provide them with enough supplements for their joints, muscles, and coat. However, your dog’s nutritional requirements may also depend on its health condition.

For example, my XL American Bully suffers from allergies, and after trying out different foods, we’ve settled on no-grain lamb-based kibbles.

10. American Bullies Have Few Exercise Requirements

The American Bully has minimal exercise requirements compared to other high-prey-driven dogs. You don’t need to own acres of land to have enough playfields for your dog. An apartment is enough space to live with your Bully and still give them the physical exercise needed.

A daily long walk by the roadside can meet your dog’s physical activity requirements. Brisk walks, running, and agility also come in handy. The most significant thing is to ensure that your dog gets between 30 to 60 minutes of exercise every day.

Exercising your dog also provides an opportunity to bond, enables them to shed pent-up energy, and stimulates them mentally.

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