How Many Puppies Can An American Bully Have?

american bully puppies

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The American Bully is a friendly, loyal, and companionable dog, and they produce the cutest puppies. A female can get pregnant at least twice a year. So, how many puppies can she have each time?

An American Bully can have anywhere between 4 to 8 puppies with each pregnancy. After birth, the puppies and the mother need time to rest comfortably. The mother may deliver the puppies through a normal birth or require a C-section, depending on the puppies’ sizes.

Though an American Bully’s heat cycle lasts for several weeks, she is fertile only for five days. This article tells you about the litter size of an American Bully and the different stages of its pregnancy.  

American Bully’s Litter Size

A dog’s litter size refers to the number of puppies they can have after each pregnancy. It is different for different breeds, but the average number is between 1 and 12.

The average litter size of an American Bully is 5-6 puppies. It’s best not to let your female mate with two different male dogs because she can get pregnant by both at the same time and have puppies of varying sizes. This can significantly affect the number of surviving puppies.

The newborn pups can have different sizes, appearances, and health conditions. If the female gets pregnant by two different dogs, the litter will likely have mixed puppies.

The Risks of Pregnancy by Two Dogs for An American Bully

You may face no problems if the dogs are of the same breed or size. But the female may face trouble when one of the male dogs is larger. The size of the litter may get too big for the mother. She may not be able to push the puppies out at birth. 

Fortunately, the puppies tend not to outgrow their mother’s womb. Your American Bully’s size may restrict a pup’s growth, allowing for a normal birth. Sometimes, in the case of an American Bully mating with a more giant dog, the more puppies the mother carries, the better it is for the size of the puppies. 

However, depending on the number of pups in the mother’s womb and the overall health condition of the mother, some puppies might have health complications or deformities, especially if they were developed later.

The size issue can be fatal for the mother and the pups without intervention. You may have to schedule a C-section for your American Bully. The best way to decide on the birthing method is to take your American Bully for an ultrasound. 

How Many Litters Can An American Bully Have?

A female American Bully can have over ten litters in her lifetime. However, it’s best to limit it to 3-4 liters to ensure the female can live her life to the fullest. It also helps reduce the risk of having dangerous pregnancies and unhealthy puppies.

Ethical breeding practices recommend limiting the litter number to only 3-4 in a dog’s lifetime.

You must also wait until the female’s second heat cycle to begin breeding. According to Kennel Club, it is ethically wrong to breed a female after 8 to 9 years because pregnancies can have complications.

A female dog can get pregnant more than once a year. But, like humans, there is an age limit. Even though there is no legal limit in the United States, it’s ethically wrong for professional breeders to make the mother breed in her old age.

The females must have a rest period between pregnancies. A female American Bully may become too old and weak for further pregnancies at five years old if you allow her to have consecutive pregnancies in her early breeding years. 

What Is the Heat Cycle of an American Bully?

An American Bully usually goes into heat every six months. But in some females, the cycle can vary between 4 and 12 months. The actual “heat period” can last anywhere between 4 days and 3 weeks. But being in heat doesn’t mean the American Bully continues to ovulate

The American Bully remains fertile for about five days during the heat period. Plus, the egg isn’t available for fertilization immediately after the female releases it. It takes two days to mature and is then ready for the sperm. 

How To Tell an American Bully Is Pregnant?

The dogs can’t take a pregnancy test like humans. So, whether you are a dog breeder or a pet owner, you must look for signs that confirm the pregnancy. According to American Kennel Club, here are several signs to look out for:

  • The female may become lazy.
  • There will be an increase in appetite. 
  • The belly may look swollen.
  • The female may become “moody” or irritable.
  • The nipple size may increase.
  • The female may go into “nesting” mode.
  • The female may become more affectionate. 

Things the Veterinarian Will Check

The egg attaches to the pregnant female’s uterine lining after 15 to 18 days of mating. As a breeder, you should record the breeding/mating day. Here is how the checkups are likely to go from here:

  • The first step is the abdominal palpation exam. The veterinarian will check for lumps or masses on your American Bully’s abdomen during this physical exam. They usually perform abdominal palpation around the 28th or 30th day. 
  • They will also perform an ultrasound between the 25th and 30th days of pregnancy to check for a heartbeat. Around the same time, the vet also does a hormonal level check of your pregnant American Bully. 
  • An x-ray can detect pregnancy. After about 55 days, the vet may do an x-ray, which is the surest way of confirming pregnancy and the number of puppies in the litter.

At the end of the pregnancy, your American Bully is ready to deliver her babies.

The delivery is likely to be normal if things go well and the female doesn’t get pregnant by two different dogs.


A female American Bully can have 4 to 8 puppies per litter and ideally 3-4 litters until it’s deemed too risky for her to have more pregnancies. The puppies in the same litter may have different sizes if the female gets pregnant from two dogs. 

A litter with more and oversized puppies can be dangerous for the mother. Bring your American Bully to the vet for a checkup if you suspect she is pregnant. It can help you determine the actual litter size and how to properly care for your pregnant dog.

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