How Much Does an American Bully Cost? (The Truth)

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Despite their fierce looks and intimidating name, American Bullies are gentle and friendly companion breeds that fit in perfectly with families. So, you may be thinking of getting one. But how much does an American Bully cost? 

A high-quality American Bully costs between $2000 – $5000. However, you can pay more or less, depending on the breeder, quality of breeding, and class. American Bullies that are not purebred and have a lesser known bloodline costs for only around $500 – $800.

In this article, you will understand why American Bully puppies are so expensive, the factors that determine their prices as well as other things you must consider before cashing out a check for your first American Bully puppy.

The Factors That Determine Prices of American Bully Puppies

Breeding Quality

American Bully puppies with quality bloodlines often cost more than pet-quality American Bully puppies. This is not to say that pet-quality American Bullies are bad, as they still make great companions, but they do not meet the standards for a dog meant to compete in shows and events or for breeding stock. 

Thus, you should not shy away from spending more on a Bully if you are looking for breeding stock. This is because although the initial investment is high, you stand a chance of producing more consistent litters, which earns you more in the long-run.


It is easy to find top-quality American Bullies sold below $5000 and some mediocre ones being sold beyond the threshold price. It all depends on the breeder you are working with. To ensure you are getting value for your money, ensure you are working with a reputable breeder. A reputable breeder can provide evidence that the dogs have been checked and are healthy, and they won’t shy away from sharing references from former clients. 


A dog’s genetics and bloodline are dependent on its pedigree. Ensure you get line breed dogs, meaning they have the same ancestors appearing several times in the four-generation pedigree. These breeds have quality productions and a tendency to produce consistent breeds.

It is best to spend more on a quality bloodline on your initial purchase to avoid spending more on bully food and supplements when you bypass genetics.

You should consider a few good-quality bloodlines, including razor’s edge, daxline, and remy line. You will find that these established bloodlines are more expensive than the lesser and non-pure breed bloodlines, which you can get for as little as $500-$800.


The American Bully has four different classes that greatly affect how much you pay for your puppy. The class most preferable to you depends on your interests and goals, that is, whether you are only looking for a pet, a show dog, or whether you have breeding intentions.


The American Bully is a rather new dog breed derived from the American Staffordshire Terrier and the American Pitbull Terrier. Thus, it borrows characteristics from both breeds. The Standard American Bully is a medium-large size dog that features a heavy bone structure, muscular build, and blocky head. At withers, females can be between 16″-19″ (41-48cm) while males grow to 17″-20″ (43-51cm) tall. The average price is $2500.


They are the tiniest among the flock and share the same physical structure as the standard Bully. They are short with a broad head, well-defined jaw and cheek muscles, and lack exaggerated physical features. Females are 13″-16″ (33-41cm) at the withers while males are normally 14″-17″ (36-43cm). You can get one at an average price of $2000.


The Classic is an amendment of the Standard American Bully with less body mass and lighter bones and frame but has a broad chest. They grow to the same dimensions as the basic Standard Bully and cost about the same. And just like the Standard, their bodies are compact, and they have well-defined jaws, still giving the impression of a strong dog. 


The XL Bully’s size is determined by their height, which can reach beyond 20-23″ (51-58cm) for males and 19″-22″ (19-56cm) for females at the withers. They share the same breed type, body, and build as the basic Standard American Bully. However, they are taller, heavier, and larger than the Standard. They average at $3000.

American Bully Maintenance Costs

Although this dog is easier to manage than other breeds, it is a dog with special nutritional, exercise, and maintenance requirements, making it essential to always budget for its upkeep.


When you look at them, you will immediately assume that they are canine bodybuilders and need to work out constantly. However, that’s not the case. They simply need lots of mental and physical stimulation, like walking and playing, which is easy to do with this people-loving dog. They need a walk a day, preferably on different terrains every so often.

Running, chasing, and obstacle games also stimulate and entertain your pup. Because this dog breed harbors a lot of energy and constantly needs attention, they are not suitable for sedentary or elderly owners.

This video tutorial shows how you can muscle train your puppy:

Health Care

Joint problems are common in large dog breeds, and American Bullies are no exception. They are most commonly predisposed to patellar luxation, a condition that affects their knees, resulting in bowed legs. The condition worsens over time, and further causes them discomfort, loss of function, and lameness. Treating the disease can be expensive as it is diagnosed with x-ray, and severe cases require surgery.

Other health concerns common among American Bullies include cherry eye, cleft palate, and joint dysplasia. It may be costly to treat these issues, considering some insurance companies do not insure specific Bully breeds because of supposed aggressive tendencies.


American Bullies need plenty of high-quality foods to maintain their perfect size and buff bodies.

A standard-sized American Bully needs 4 cups of kibble food a day while smaller varieties, like the pocket, need a cup or two less. Alternatively, you can substitute a cup of kibble for raw meat or a can of wet dog food every so often.

For the larger American Bullies, you should expect to spend about $30 to $50 weekly. This dog breed can weigh up to 100 pounds (45.4 kg), meaning feeding them is bound to get more expensive over the years.


As you can tell, the American Bully is not a very hairy canine. And fortunately, even with their few hairs, they only shed now and then, even during shedding season. Hence, you only need to brush their hair once a week to keep the shedding at bay while keeping their coat smooth and glossy.

Wash them once every 2-3 months using a good shampoo and conditioner suitable for your furry friend.

I recommend the BuddyWash Puppy and Dog Shampoo and Conditioner to elevate your puppy’s wash day experience.

Keep the folds on their cute droopy faces clean by using wet wipes a few times a month. Finally, don’t dismiss dental hygiene. Have them chomp on dental chews frequently to keep their teeth healthy and clean.


With this information, you can determine whether the price you are given is worth it, and how much you will be spending when you bring the puppy home. Despite the costs, you will not regret investing in an American Bully Puppy as they are one of the best furry companions you will ever get.


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