How Big Do American Bully Puppies Get?

big american bully breed dog puppy

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Puppies can be a lot of work; they need more walking than usual, more attention, and a perfect diet.

However, as most animals do, puppies have to grow, so if you’re looking to get a Bully puppy, you might want a crate that’ll last them until their puppy days are over.

How big can Bully puppies get?

It’s a difficult question to answer in a definitive way, because there is a lot of difference between the different types of american bullies (pocket, standard, xl, exotics.. etc), and even between blood lines. XL bullies can get quite big even as puppies.

Bully puppies can grow up to 20 inches (50.8 cm) tall, depending on the gender. Standard American bully typically weigh about 30 to 65 pounds (14 to 29 kg). However, depenging on the type (XL, standard…) they can grow much taller as they age, hitting anywhere from 20 inches to 23 inches (58.42 cm) tall by adulthood, and up to 150 pounds for the biggest XL bullies.

Perhaps you’re ready to get yourself a Bully puppy, but there are a few things you should know first. If you want to know more about weight, care, and more, you may want to read on. 

How Tall Do Bully Puppies Get?

2 months old bully puppy
Oso is an XL bully, he was just over two months old here

Bully puppies can grow up to 20 inches (50.8 cm) tall. This, however, depends on their gender and their age. The typical height of your American bully should generally range from 14 inches (35.56 cm) all the way up to 23 inches (58.42 cm).

If your dog doesn’t reach these sizes, don’t fret too much. There’s is a huge difference when it comes to what type of Bully they are in terms of pocket-sized, medium, standard, and XL. 

If you’re unsure or concerned of any of these, consult a vet.

How Much Should My American Bully Puppy Weigh?

american bully puppy at the beach

When it comes down to feeding your puppy, you’ll probably want to give them as many treats as possible because of how adorable they are. But as much as I hate to say it, don’t.

Depending on your puppy’s size, their weight should be anywhere from 30 pounds to 65 pounds. 

If they look bulky and strong, then you’re in the clear. If they look weak or overweight, you may want to change up their diet.

Even though you can’t give them all the treats in the world, you can at least give them as many as the bag of treats recommends. You should also let your dog get plenty of exercise for them to maintain their weight.

With all of this to think about, you may think a Bully puppy isn’t as big of a deal. Read on to learn more about how to take care of your beloved Bully puppy.

Taking Care of a Bully Puppy

young bully pup in a car
One of his first car rides, the terror!

To take care of a Bully puppy, you need to consider many things. Sure, you’ll think of toys, beds, treats… Everything. But you should also consider their diet, health, exercise, and training. It helps to consider these with every breed, but they’re even more important for Bullies!


Maybe they rolled over, or maybe they gave you puppy dog eyes; either way, you’ll yearn to give your puppy treats every now and again. However, you don’t let treats take up more of a percentage than their main diet.

When it comes to American Bullies, they need to remain bulky and full of muscle. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure they have a diet rich in protein. A great choice would be dry kibble that’s also high in fat. That’ll provide the right amount of protein, which will help their adult muscles form.

It’s best to feed them three times per day or just leave a bowl of food down all day. As soon as they’re one year old, though, you’ll want to transition into an adult diet for them. Either way, make sure they’re getting enough protein in their diet so they can become stronger.

As long as you give them the right amount of protein and a decent amount of treats, your Bully should be strong. But some things can knock them off their feet.



Health is incredibly important for any and all breeds. The only problem is that Bullies are susceptible to many diseases. In the beginning (during puppyhood), you want to make sure they get the right vaccinations and treated for fleas or worms.

At just four months, they should already start treatment for worms. The vet will be able to tell you just how often to do this sort of treatment. So if you’re unsure of anything, make sure to talk to a vet first, as this blog is not veterinary advice.

Another great thing to consider for their health would be calcium supplements. While it’s not something most pet parents tend to think about, it could still assist your dog’s muscle growth and overall health. 

If you’re looking for some great calcium supplements, you can always check Amazon or Chewy. They both offer free shipping, and have a large variety of amazing pet products. Just remember to talk to a vet first before adding or removing anything from your pet’s diet.


As it is with every breed, exercise is even more vital for American Bullies, as they’re quite the energetic breed.

If they do end up getting bored with no way to exercise, there’s a chance they’ll start destroying things around the house. So, if you want your couch cushions to remain intact, consider some ways to help your dog exercise.

The primary way is to take them outside. If you have a gated backyard, you could let them run around off-leash and play. If you don’t live in a gated community, perhaps you could take them out for a run on their leash. This way, you can get exercise as well.

However, if taking them outside too often for exercise is difficult, there are many ways you can let them get their energy out indoors. You can run up and down the stairs with them, make them work for treats, set up obstacle courses, and play fetch. These are all fun activities for your Bully that will keep them sane and exercised.

But how can you get them to do all these fun things?


Training is so important for every pet. American Bullies are no exception. Maybe you want your Bully to do fun tricks, or perhaps you need a dog that’ll protect you when necessary. However, with an American Bully, it’s not as simple because they have high confidence, so you’ll need to match that if you want to be able to train them.

Avoid being unsure, nervous, inconsistent, and easily frustrated, as they can sense it if you are. Instead, remain confident, firm, and patient. This way, your American Bully should understand what you need from them in no time.

Of course, while training your American Bully, you’re going to want some tasty treats for positive reinforcement.

As aforementioned, they need things high in fat and protein, like these ORIJEN Freeze Dried Dog Treats on Amazon. They come in two different sizes and nine different flavors for your Bully to try.


Bully puppies can grow up to 20 inches tall, depending on their size. They should weigh anywhere between 30 pounds and 65 pounds, depending on their height and the diet you provide. This should include a lot of protein and fat, as they need their muscles to grow, even at a young age.

Ensure they get enough exercise and training since they’re a very energetic breed. This should make your dog happy and content. 

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