Best Chew Toys For Pit Bull Puppies (Indestructible)

Pitbull Puppy Chewing A Toy

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Your pit bull puppy has destroyed three chew toys this week, and it’s only Wednesday!

Does your puppy have especially destructive tendencies or are the chew toys you’ve chosen subpar? Either way, it’s time to up your puppy’s chew toy game.

Here’s a little help in choosing chew toys that will stand up to most pit bull puppy play without leaving you to pick up the bits and pieces.

To better help you narrow your search, here’s my list of the best chew toys for pitbull puppies:

Kong Extreme Dog Toy

Kong makes some of the strongest chew toys out there, they’re practically indestructible.

Now they have an extreme version for those puppies that are extra hard on equipment.

The Kong Extreme comes in five different sizes to “grow” with your puppy as they do to help ensure the right fit at any age.

Not only is the Kong Extreme tough, it’s also versatile, offering bounce and chase type play and puzzle-solving entertainment to keep your pit bull puppy’s teeth and mind occupied.

Benebone Chicken Flavor Wishbone

For puppies that need a little enticement with flavor, the Benebone Wishbone provides just that.

The ergonomic design of this wishbone chew toy makes it perfect for holding with the front feet while your puppy chews on any of the three prongs.

Each prone has deep grooves full of bacony flavor to get your puppy working their teeth and massaging those sore, teething gums, all while being made of tough and durable nylon.

Nylabone Durachew X Bone Beef Flavored

For variety in shape and texture, the Nylabone Durachew X Bone has what it takes to soothe swollen gums while keeping your puppy entertained.

The durable nylon construction will stand up to even the toughest chewers, and the beef flavor will keep them coming back for more.

JW Pet Chompion Dog Toy

This toy will bounce and roll making it a great chase and fetch toy.

The ridges and nubs will also stimulate teething gums, while the vanilla flavor will help sweeten your puppy’s breath.

Starmark Everlasting Treat Bento Ball

What’s better for a puppy than an everlasting treat?

This tough chew toy can be refilled with everlasting treats, kibble, or other treats to give your puppy hours of entertainment and mental stimulation.

The ball is tough so it can’t easily be broken down and textured to provide relief for those teething mouths.

Kong Extreme Goodie Bone

A simple chew toy with a twist, the Kong Extreme Goodie Bone provides your puppy with a tough chew toy and bonus hidey-holes at the ends for you to stash treats for extra entertainment and puzzle solving. 

Nylabone Venison Flavored Nylon Antler Dog Chew Toy

Another alternative to a natural chewing product is the Nylabone Durachew Antler.

Deer antlers make great chewers because their various textures help nurture those adult teeth through the gums, and they’re tough enough to stand up to any pup.

Antler alternatives made from durable nylon will offer those same benefits plus the taste of venison, something real deer antlers don’t have.

Kong Core Strength Bow Tie

For a variety of textures and shapes, the Kong Core Strength Bow Tie has your puppy covered, allowing them to decide what feels best for their mouth.

With extra reinforcement, this toy is strong and throwable, allowing you to play with your puppy as well.

Gough Nuts Ring Dog Toy

A rubber chewy ring with carbon reinforcement, the Gough Nuts Ring Dog Toy is built to last.

However, if your puppy is able to chew through it, a red indicator layer will tell you that they’ve gone too deep and that you should replace it.

This makes this chew toy safe for littler chewers so that you know when to replace it before they get to gnawing harmful chunks off of it.

Duraforce Gear Ring Squeaky Dog Toy

On the softer side, Duraforce makes a multilayer ring providing lots of squeaky entertainment.

Just because it’s a soft construction doesn’t mean that it isn’t tough enough to handle most chewers.

As a bonus, it floats, providing your pup with shallow water play as well.

JW Megalast Ball

With the ability to chew on it, fetch it, or puzzle solve with it, the JW Megalast Ball is strong enough to hold up to lots of puppy play however it is that your pitbull puppy likes to play.

Fill it with treats, throw it, or just let them chew, it should keep any puppy occupied for hours.

Kong Puppy Teething Stick

With Denta-Ridges, the Kong Puppy Teething Stick is made with your little one in mind.

The ridges not only provide a manual massage to sore gums, they also clean the teeth and make the perfect spot to hide a treat.

Pet Qwirks Flavorit Berry Flavored Nylon Bone

If your puppy desires a range of flavors on their pallet, the berry flavor of this Pet Qwirks bone may be just what they’re looking for. This bone is durable, yet textured to massage gums, and has flavor cells that will hold any kind of spreadable treat to keep your little one engaged for hours. It also comes in mint and sweet potato flavors.

Why Give Your Pit Bull Puppy Chew Toys?

pitbull puppy chewing a bone

A teething pit bull puppy can really wreak havoc on their surroundings. When those little pearly whites are trying to break through, your puppy may be gnawing on things from dawn til dust and then into the nighttime hours as well.

You see, teething is a painful and uncomfortable process. While waiting for those adult teeth to erupt, your puppy’s gums become swollen and inflamed. Once the tooth pops out, the gums can feel raw and sore like an open wound.

Chewing helps to offer relief by massaging those painful gums, as well as encouraging those new adult teeth to push through more quickly.

Offering the right chew toy to a teething puppy can not only offer them a little respite from the discomfort, it can also save your furniture, shoes, and toes.

How to Pick a Chew Toy For Puppy Teething

If you’ve learned anything as a puppy parent it’s that there are millions of dog toys out there. You can find anything from a small, fake tire to a bouncing octopus.

Sure, cuteness can play a role in how you pick your puppy’s chew toys, but there are many other aspects to consider as well.

  • Durability: Small, swallowable parts are out. Not only are these parts a choking hazard, they can also become lodged in the digestive tract leading to a blockage. Puppy chew toys need to be tough and unable to be broken down in to smaller pieces. Find a toy that will retain its shape and size at the end of a long day of incessant chewing.
  • Variety: What feels good on your pit bull puppy’s gums one day might not feel good the next. Provide your pup with many different options of shapes and textures so that they can always find one that’s Goldilocks just right.
  • Appropriate: Chew toys for puppies should have on the label a recommended age and size range. Pay attention to this. What may be considered suitable for an adult might not be the best for a puppy and vice versa. Also, don’t give your pit bull puppy a toy that’s meant for a Yorkie. It might not hold up to their more aggressive chewing style.
  • Safety: Also, on that label should be a statement about the toy being tested for safety. This means that that chew toy has undergone rigorous tests in order to ensure that it won’t fall apart or that it contains materials that may be unsafe for your pup.

When picking out a chew toy for teething for your pit bull puppy, do listen to the recommendations of your veterinarian, breeder, or shelter employee.

Chances are, they’ve seen them all and can tell you which ones will stand up and which ones puppies prefer.

Don’t give your pit bull puppy a toy that looks like anything you don’t want chewed on. Some chew toys are made to look like a little shoe-a real item most of us don’t want our puppies chewing on.

Also, don’t leave your puppy unsupervised when they have a chew toy.

Pay close attention while they have it and inspect the toy when they’re done for any excessive damage or missing chunks. Discard any injured toys immediately rather than giving them back to your pup.


Outfitting your pit bull puppy with chew toys is more than just choosing the cutest item.

Carefully select chew toys for your teething puppy for their durability and safety, as well as their efficacy at relieving teething pain. Reach out to other puppy parents or experts to help narrow your search for the best chew toy for pit bull puppies.

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