How To Potty Train A Pitbull Puppy (Step By Step)

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Welcoming an adorable Pitbull puppy into your family can be such an exciting time. Your new furry friend will quickly begin to explore and settle into life in their new home, but there is one major step that you will have to guide them through – potty training.

While potty training is considered one of the most challenging training milestones, it can be made so much easier with a potty training guide on your side.

In this article we’ll dive into the step by step process on potty training your Pitbull puppy, and how you can house train your Pitbull pup with ease!

Tools You’ll Need To Get Started

Before you begin the potty training process with your new Pitbull pup, you’ll need to make sure you have a few supplies in your home to help your puppy achieve success! Some tools you’ll need to potty train your Pitbull puppy include:

Now that you’ve gathered the supplies you’ll need to have a well trained furry friend, let’s jump into the step by step potty training guide!

Pitbull Puppies & Positive Training

The most important part of potty training your Pitbull puppy is understanding what works best for them when it comes to teaching any desired behaviors.

Since you’ll want to promote your ideal potty behaviors within your home, you’ll have to make sure that your Pitbull puppy feels comfortable and engaged throughout the training process.

In order to accomplish any type of training, your Pitbull pup needs positive reinforcement style training. 

A positive and encouraging training method is the best way to housebreak your Pitbull puppy. They do not respond well to fear tactics or punishments, so it’s important to leave these methods out of your potty training routine.

The best way to help your puppy reach success is by rewarding them for correct behavior and making sure they enjoy the training process!

Now that you understand how important a positive training method is for your Pitbull puppy’s success, let’s discuss the step by step process of potty training your new furry friend. 

Step 1: Designate A Potty Spot

In order to help your Pitbull puppy establish a routine, you’ll need to select a designated potty spot in your yard.

By establishing a certain spot to take your puppy each time they go outside, they will soon begin to understand that this is the only spot they should be relieving themselves.

You can do this by putting your puppy on a leash and directing them to your “potty zone” each time you go outside. 

When your Pitbull pup does their business in the correct zone, be sure to immediately reward them with praise or a tasty puppy treat.

By associating a positive response with the action of using the bathroom in this set area, your pup is more likely to repeat this going forward. 

Continue to walk your bully pup to your potty spot until they learn to walk to this zone without any of your direction. Once they’ve mastered this step you can remove their leash and let them walk to the potty zone on their own!

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Step 2: Take Your Pitbull Outside Frequently

The best way to help your Pitbull puppy refrain from having accidents in your home is by making sure they go outside frequently while they are still learning how to control their bladder.

Taking your puppy outside every 3-4 hours will make sure they don’t have to fight off the urge to go inside your home, and will help to establish the association between your set potty area and the desired behavior. 

Repetition is the best way to help your Pitbull puppy learn a new trick, and potty training is no different. Just be sure to have plenty of treats and praise ready to offer your puppy each time they go outside. 

Step 3: Establish A Feeding Schedule

Establishing a set feeding schedule is the best way to help your Pitbull puppy create a regular potty routine.

By feeding your puppy at the same times each day, this can help you better understand what times they usually need to go. Training your bully pup is all about establishing a routine that they can learn to follow.

Routine and repetition will help your Pitty puppy become the house trained pup of your dreams!

Step 4: Consider Your Own Schedule 

Your schedule can really impact your puppy’s potty training success. In order to make sure your Pitbull puppy begins to understand what is expected of them with potty training, it’s your job to make this as easy as possible.

We can’t expect our puppies to hold it for extended periods of time while they’re still learning, so our schedules should reflect that. 

The best way to help your Pitty pup achieve potty training success is by having a schedule that allows you to take them outside every 3-4 hours, or keeping them in a small area with a potty pad that allows for accidents. 

Step 5: Control Their Water Intake

pitbull puppy while training

We all know how hard it is to hold it after you drink a large amount of water. While we may know not to drink a large amount of water before settling into bed, a growing Pitbull puppy doesn’t quite understand this.

Due to their willingness to drink up at any time of the day, it’s best to pull their water bowl when you know they may not have access to their potty zone over the next few hours. 

To help your Pitty pup hold it in between potty times you should remove any water bowls from their cage and pull their water bowls soon before heading to bed for the night.

As long as they drink plenty of water throughout the day, they will be just fine for a few hours without access to water. 

Step 6: Thoroughly Clean Up Accidents

Though your growing Pitbull puppy may be learning how to be an adult, their noses and sniffing powers are fully developed! Because of this, any left over scent of urine or stool can entice your puppy to use the bathroom in previous accident spots in your home. 

In order to prevent any future accidents in your home, it’s important to thoroughly clean any accidents with powerful disinfectant and odor removal tools.

By removing any lingering smells, these areas are less likely to entice your Pitty. 

Step 7: Teach Your Pitbull Puppy A Potty Signal

Once your puppy has mastered the previous steps, it’s time to teach them a potty signal. A designated sign that shows you when they need to go outside is important to make sure your Pitbull puppy is not forced to have any accidents in your home.

This signal can be a simple bark at the door, a ring of a bell, or any other behavior that you would like your pup to master. 

Do this by creating a pattern of action and result. For example, hang a bell on your door that your Pitbull pup can easily reach. Ring the bell each time you take your puppy outside, helping them associate this sound with their bathroom breaks.

Next, show your puppy how to touch this bell before they go outside each time. Before you know it, your Pitty will be ringing the bell each time they need to go!

You can repeat this training method with any other type of potty signal that you would like your canine companion to learn. 

Crate Training Tips For A Pit bull Puppy

When your Pitbull puppy is being potty trained, it’s best to give them a crate or another small space to stay in while you are away or unable to watch them.

Having free roam access to your home is just too tempting for a small puppy when it comes to having accidents, so keeping them in an enclosed safe zone is the best way to prevent any accidents. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when setting up a crate or enclosed area for your Pitbull puppy:

  • Make sure their crate is only big enough for them to stand up and turn around to get comfortable. Having too large of a crate will only encourage them to have accidents in their crate. 
  • Make sure to line their crate or enclosed area with potty pads just in case they do have an accident.
  • Make sure you clean up any accidents in their crate or enclosed are thoroughly since left behind scents may encourage them to go in that area again.
  • Try your best to not associate any punishment or fear with their crate or enclosed area. This space should be their safe zone. 
  • If you are using a gate to block off an enclosed area for your puppy, try to make sure the gate is not easy to escape from (having large spaces in between or easily opened)

I recommend lining your bully’s crate or enclosed area with a potty pad, in case they have an accident.

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Be Patient With Your Puppy

The last but most important part of potty training your Pitbull puppy is having patience. Some dogs take longer than others to fully grasp the potty training process, so try your best to not get frustrated if it seems like your Pitty puppy doesn’t catch on right away.

Your puppy will likely have a few accidents in your home before they are housebroken, and this is completely normal for a growing puppy that is learning a new behavior. 

Patience and positivity is the best way to train your Pitbull pup on any new trick or behavior, and will only strengthen the bond you’ll have in the future. Your new canine companion will show their appreciation for your patience through their unconditional love!

Dealing With Accidents

The way you handle any accidents in your home can greatly impact your Pitbull puppy’s potty training success.

While you may think punishment or disciple is the best way to show your puppy that you are unhappy with their behavior, this is actually not the case.

Fear of a punishment can actually result in stress for your growing puppy, which is never helpful when they are trying to master a new trick or behavior. 

If you catch your Pitbull puppy having an accident in your home, immediately make an uncomfortable noise to stop their action. This can be a loud clap, loud whistle, or sharp “no”.

This will startle your pup enough to understand that their accident was not okay, but won;t frighten them enough to truly stress them out. Once you have made the uncomfortable noise you should immediately bring your puppy outside to their potty zone. 

Rewarding desired behavior is much more successful when it comes to training your Pit puppy. Offering them plenty of praise and tasty treats each time they go potty in their bathroom zone will have much more of an impact than any kind of punishment!

What if my puppy is stubborn?

Every Pitbull puppy is different, meaning it will be more challenging to train some than others. If you are struggling with the potty training process with your puppy, try to remain patient and keep up the good work.

As long as you continue to implement an ideal potty training routine and schedule, your growing pup will pick it up eventually!

If you feel like your Pitbull puppy is being abnormally stubborn with their potty training, try to take a step back and assess your training protocol.

Are you away from home for more than a few hours at a time? Are they kept in their crate for long periods? Do they keep going potty in the same spot in your home? Are you feeding them at different times each day?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, it’s time to address these issues!

Are American pitbull puppies easy to potty train compared to other breeds?

Lucky for Pitbull owners, this breed is extremely intelligent.

Since they are so smart, Pitbull puppies tend to catch on quickly to the potty training process.

While every puppy is different, many Pitbull owners note how much easier it was to train their Pit puppy versus any other breed they have trained before. 

As long as you follow the steps we’ve covered above, your brilliant pup will be potty trained in no time!

Final Words

Potty training your Pitbull puppy doesn’t have to be a frustrating process. As long as you follow the recommended steps for success that we covered above, your pup will be a potty trained champion in no time!

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  1. Thank you very much for the insight on this issue! I’ve raised many pits in my life and always had great success with this issue but was curious as to what other pitbull lovers who like to take their new “best friend”with them everywhere you go and although they may have accidents in your home you for sure don’t want them to at or in anyways someone else’s,big no no in my opinion! I can’t wait to get me a new best friend now! Maybe you have some positive behavior steps to teaching your pitpup to come when you call it and immediately no matter where your at with them especially in public and to stay until you or”me”gives her the word it’s ok to do so(not stay) thanks for your time and knowledge on house training your puppy! Look forward to hearing from you on these other issues!

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