Are American Bullies smart?

smart xl bully

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In recent years, the American Bully dog breed has become increasingly popular. This trend is likely due in part to the perception that these dogs are “smart.” But what does “smart” really mean when it comes to dogs?

And are American Bully dogs actually intelligent? In this article, I’ll take a closer look at the definition of canine intelligence and explore whether or not American Bullies measure up. We’ll also discuss some of the unique characteristics that make this breed so special.

Are american bullies smart dogs?

Yes, the american bully can be a smart dog. Intelligence is subjective and can vary from dog to dog. However, American bully dogs are typically considered to be intelligent breeds, especially when it comes to guarding instincts.

The Bully’s own guard dog intelligence

american bully guarding

The American Bully is a smart dog breed that is often misunderstood. This breed is not the same as the American Pit Bull Terrier, although they are often confused.

The American Bully is a companion dog and is not bred for fighting. This breed is intelligent, loving, and loyal. They are often used as therapy dogs and make great family pets. American Bullies are not aggressive by nature, but they can be if they are not properly trained and socialized.

In my experience with my own XL bully, he is very quick to detect anything that might be a danger, and has a natural protection instinct.

On one occasion for example, my dog focused on a particular person in a beach area, and started grawling when he came close to our things.

I was wondering what he had against this guy, and later noticed this person was actually trying to pickpocket things from tourists. He did notice before me that this person had the wrong intention.

He also does’t like people holding sharp things like a knife, or a fishing spike on one occasion, coming a bit too close. great protection intelligence if you ask me, and he wasn’t trained for it.

Is the american bully trainable

oso xl bully at the beach

One of the things that makes the American Bully so appealing is its trainability. This breed is very intelligent and eager to please, making them quick learners.

While the American Bully is a relatively easy breed to train, there are still some things to keep in mind. Like with any dog, positive reinforcement is key.

Be sure to praise your Bully when they do something right and provide them with plenty of treats. It is also important to be consistent with your commands and never give in to their begging.

I personally didn’t push training too far, but I had no difficulties teaching him to sit, give the paw, and wait.

Talking to many owners however, this largely depends on the dog’s own character, some are easier to train than others, and the american bully tends to be a bit stubborn.

So yes you can train them, don’t expect them to be as smart about it as say, a german shepherd.

Except when it comes to guarding & protection, in my experience mine didn’t even need training to be efficient, as far as i’m concerned an XL bully is enough to keep the wrong people away, if that’s what you are looking for in a dog.

Do they have good instincts?

A bully is kind of like having a bodyguard with you at all times, a loving, clingy, needy bodyguard.

As I mentioned in the little story above, I was surprised by my dog’s instinct on a few occasion, when it comes to danger and protecting his family.

Thankfully though, most bully owners find they don’t have much aggressive instincts when it come to other dogs. They were bred specifically to avoid any aggression tendancy and make them a family dog.

Protection instincts though are excellent. I had other dogs before, namely a golden retriever and a french bulldog so very different breeds, and well they did not show anywhere near the same level of awareness when it comes to strangers and situations.

What makes a dog intelligent

There are a number of things that make a dog intelligent. One is their ability to understand and respond to human beings. Dogs have been bred for thousands of years to be our companions, and as such, they have evolved to be very good at reading human social cues.

They can understand our gestures, facial expressions, and tone of voice, and they use this information to figure out what we want them to do.

Another thing that makes dogs intelligent is their ability to learn. Dogs are very good at learning new things, and they can remember a lot of information.

They can learn tricks, commands, and behaviors, and they can also learn to respond to their owner’s cues in different situations.

Finally, dogs are intelligent because of their emotional intelligence. They are very attuned to our emotions, and they can pick up on our moods and feelings.

They can tell when we are happy, sad, stressed, or angry, and they often adjust their behavior accordingly. This emotional intelligence makes them great companions, and it’s one of the things that we love about them.


American bully dogs are indeed smart. They are able to learn new tricks and commands quickly, and they retain this information over time.

Additionally, they are good at problem-solving and have a strong sense of loyalty and companionship. These traits make them excellent pets for families and individuals alike.


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