Where To Find Your American Bully Puppy

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Are you thinking of adopting an American Bully? You may wonder where best to start your search for a lovable, loyal companion. Where can you find an American Bully puppy for your home?

The best place to get an American Bully puppy is from a breeder specializing in this particular canine breed. However, you must research the breeder’s background before adopting a puppy. Responsible breeders care for their pups well, which guarantees you a healthy family pet.   

Below, you will find advice on how to find and pick a breeder. Read on to find out what to consider when choosing a breeder and details to watch out for before making a choice.

Where To Find American Bully Puppies (Advice on Finding and Picking a Breeder)

american bully puppy

If you’ve set your heart on getting an American Bully puppy, it is best to pick one from a reputable, professional breeder. An experienced breeder complies with state standards and understands how to care for a litter well. 

Avoid buying puppies from retail pet stores or online shops, as they can be unethical in sourcing their puppies. Some pet shops obtain pups from puppy mills and are not transparent about the puppy’s origins. 

To start your search for an American Bully breeder, you can look up Bully registry websites such as: 

You can also search for breeders on Google or ask someone who already owns an American Bully dog. Remember to read reviews and ask for references before you make a decision. 

My dog comes from the Bossy kennels bloodline, bred near Barcelona in spain by XV bullies. Popular bloodlines like bossy, Razor’s edge, Gottiline, DDK and more are in high demand and can sometimes command a higher price.

The following criteria are essential when buying an American Bully puppy from a breeder. Breeders are generally transparent about their practices and their litter’s lineage, so be wary of those who withhold or provide incomplete information. 

Ensure Your American Bully Breeder Conducts Health Tests

Testing is the most crucial aspect to look for in a breeder because it determines if puppies are at risk of inheriting diseases from their pedigree. This process is essential to ensure pups live long lives free from severe illnesses.   

American Bullies typically grow up fine with good care. Still, the breed can be prone to certain hereditary conditions, such as: 

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Patellar Luxation 
  • Demodicosis 

You can significantly reduce the risks of contracting the above genetic conditions through the following methods:

  • Adequate health screenings and selective breeding. While there is no guarantee that a puppy will not develop these issues later, you will know that the breeder has tried their best to reduce that probability.  
  • Seek breeder-endorsed health guarantees. In addition to tests, breeders should offer health guarantees when you buy puppies. This insurance can be lifetime guarantees for genetic disorders or limited-time contracts. If you encounter a breeder who does not offer health guarantees, it is best to seek another one.  
  • Gain information on your intended pet’s genealogy. Apart from hereditary conditions, genetic testing also provides information on the genealogy of a litter’s lineage. This information gives the new owner a chance to pick a Bully based on the adult’s size and temperament if they feel it is important to them. 

Reputable breeders have good working relationships with veterinarians. You can ask a vet for a recommendation when searching for a Bully puppy, and they can provide you with trusted contacts.

Ensure You Source Your Bully Puppy From an Ethical Breeder 

Be sure to pick a breeder that is ethical and committed to breeding healthy dogs.

According to the American Kennel Club, breeding canines is not for generating income; a breeder’s primary purpose is to improve the breed for future generations. 

A breeder should love their Bullies like family and treat them like they would a family member. This care includes socializing them and giving them all the care they need.

The Humane Society of the United States previously published the following guidelines for picking a responsible breeder: 

  • All dogs under the breeder’s care occupy spacious, clean spaces. 
  • Breeders will only sell puppies to those they meet in person. 
  • They will encourage you to hang out with the litter’s parents.
  • A good breeder will be transparent and open about their practices. 
  • Responsible breeders will fulfill the psychological and physical needs of the pups with sufficient toys, socialization, exercise, and enrichment. 
  • The breeder will want to know how the new owner(s) intends to look after a new puppy (i.e., condition of the home, type of food, training, and personal values)
  • Responsible breeders refrain from having too many dogs at any time—they specialize in one or two breeds and won’t always have puppies available. 
  • The breeder will show potential buyers all medical records and health tests.  

Do any of these qualities resonate with you? Are you interested in playing a part in improving breeding practices for American Bullies? 

Check out my guide on becoming a successful Bully breeder. In this article, you will find advice on starting your journey as a breeder. I also discuss the pitfalls you should avoid to succeed in the American Bully community. 

Make Sure You Opt for an Experienced Bully Breeder

bully puppies

In short, experienced breeders know what they are doing. They fully understand the breed standard for an American Bully dog and what the pups need to thrive.

Unfortunately, many amateur breeders fail to care for the puppies during their first formative months. These can be for reasons like wanting to save on vet bills or buying cheap, processed feed. 

A good breeder can tell whether a puppy conforms to the breed standard. Besides checking for inherited conditions, a trained eye can tell whether their puppies exhibit poor conformation. Ultimately, experience matters because a breeder’s actions can impact the quality of life of a bred Bully. 

Choosing an experienced breeder also ensures that you can count on them when you face any problems with your new furbaby. The breeder can be your first contact if you experience health or behavioral issues with an adopted pup. 


To summarize, your best shot at getting a healthy, friendly American Bully puppy will be from a reputable breeder. You can find a breeder’s contact information from the following sources: 

  • American Bully dog registries such as the UKC, ABKC, or ABA.
  • Google searches.
  • Asking someone who already owns an American Bully.
  • From a veterinarian.

Before you decide on a breeder, check that they conduct extensive health testing on their dogs and practice ethical breeding. Always buy from an experienced breeder, as they are experts on breed standards and know what’s best for Bully pups. 

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