Why Does Your American Bully Sleep So Much?

american bully sleeping on a couch

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American Bullies are known for their high energies, and the bigger they are, the more exercise they need. But what if your American Bully sleeps so much? Should you start to worry if your Bully spends a long stretch of hours sleeping?

Your American Bully sleeps so much because it’s tired. If you have an adult American Bully, it’s normal for it to sleep so much because a big body means it gets tired easily. American Bullies are active dogs, so they need plenty of rest to recover after using all their energies.

Adult American Bullies sleep for 12 to 14 hours in a 24-hour cycle, while puppies can sleep for at least 20 hours a day. In this article, I’ll discuss the reasons behind the long sleep hours, what you can do to keep your dog active, and my experience with my XL American Bully.

Is It Normal for American Bullies To Sleep So Much?

When I first noticed how long my American Bully slept, I was naturally concerned. I initially thought he had no energy because he wasn’t eating well because of his allergies. However, even after discovering that he enjoys grain-free diets and lamb-based kibble, he still sleeps for long hours. 

It’s normal for American Bullies to sleep so much because they’re fairly large dogs. Large breeds use more energy to move around, even when just walking in the house. Since American Bullies are active and muscular, these dogs need more rest to restore lost energy. 

The American Bully breed needs rest to support its large bodies. However, since these dogs tend to put on a lot of weight, you need to make extra effort to keep your Bully active. Fortunately, the American Bully is naturally active when there are people around. Your dog is likely to sleep all day if it’s home alone.

Are American Bullies Low Energy?

american bully playing

When dogs sleep a lot, it’s easy to assume that they’re low-energy. However, this isn’t true. At least not for the American Bully. My American Bully is the largest breed, yet he’s very active. The American Bully’s bulky appearance is deceptive because it gives the impression it’s a lazy dog. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

American Bullies are high-energy, playful, and happy dogs. They’re master-pleasers, so they’ll work hard to impress their parents during playtime. An American Bully needs several walks a day. Some dogs can be destructive if they don’t exercise, while others sleep all day. 

If you want your American Bully to sleep less and be more active, you need to take your dog for two or three walks a day. You can also introduce games to excite your dog until it tires and needs its rest. 

Avoid Leaving Your American Bully Alone at Home

oso american bully waiting for his food

Unfortunately, some people assume that it’s okay to leave American Bullies at home all day because they sleep for hours. While this may seem ideal, American Bullies need a lot of attention, considering their sleep pattern. 

The American Bully is a breed that adapts to its environment, which is why it seems to be easy-going and gentle in the home but energetic and active when outdoors. Leaving your dog for hours alone has two possibilities. 

First, your dog will become too lazy and inactive, which will be going against the American Bully’s nature. Secondly, your dog may become too destructive. All the energy it has will need an outlet, so your house will be destroyed while away from your home. 

American Bullies are ideal for families. They’re gentle around children and are happy to play with their families. Besides the regular walk, playing between naps will help prevent obesity and inactivity. 

If you don’t have much time for play, you can get your American Bully this Nylabone Chew Toy , to keep them active and occupied for some time. It’s a strong chew stick that dogs with strong jaws, like the American Bully, won’t rip apart quickly. 


american bully and cat sleeping
Sleeping buddies

The American Bully is a breed with complex character traits. It’s vicious to some people, while others see it as one of the friendliest and calmest breeds one can have. My XL American Bully has made me appreciate both sentiments. 

At a glance, the American Bully looks fierce. However, after living with my dog, I realized he’s a gentle breed that requires the right care to be happy.

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  1. Oh, THANK YOU! I searched everywhere for an explanation as to why my Bully seems to sleep so much. He also pouts when he get back from babysitter and all the dogs or if he’s not paid attention to. Is thisnormal, too?!

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