10 Reasons Why American Bullies Are So Expensive

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American Bullies are an expensive breed, not only to obtain one but to care for one. As the owner of an XL American Bully, I know first-hand the expenses that come along with the breed.

There are multiple reasons why these dogs cost so much, from their pure bloodline to potential health issues.

Here are 10 reasons why American Bullies are so expensive:

  1. Pure bloodlines affect the cost.
  2. American Bullies are prone to hip dysplasia.
  3. Skin diseases are prominent in the breed.
  4. The breed is susceptible to eye conditions.
  5. American Bullies cost a lot to train.
  6. The breed requires a lot of exercise.
  7. You’ll need dog gear and accessories.
  8. American Bullies need regular grooming.
  9. Specialty canine diets are expensive.
  10. Pure breeds may have congenital heart defects.

Read on to discover how these reasons make American Bullies expensive dogs to own. This article will examine all of the high-cost care possibilities that go into having an American Bully as a pet.

1. High demand for Bloodlines Affect the Cost

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American Bully dogs not only cost quite a bit to care for, but they also cost a lot to buy in the first place. Depending on a few factors, American Bully dogs can cost up to $5000 (€4,431) as puppies. 

Breeding and Breeders

The quality of the breeding and the type of breeder make a considerable difference in the price of American Bully dog puppies. Pet-quality purebred American Bully dog puppies are quite a bit cheaper than others, so buying puppies from a more well-known bloodline will be closer to the 5000 dollar (€4,431) range.

It also depends on which breeder you go to for your puppy. Some breeders that produce American Bully dog puppies don’t charge such a high price, even for high-quality bloodlines. It’s essential to research your breeder to know how reputable they are. Many breeders will sell pet-quality American Bully dog puppies at the premium price of genuine breeding stock American Bullies.

How Bloodlines Affect Your Cost Overall

Choosing a well-known high-quality bloodline is a costly option. However, choosing a high-priced American Bully puppy to start with may cut down on costs later. Choosing a reputable breeder that sells this breed with a proven quality bloodline means that they may have fewer health concerns down the road.

With that said, it may not prevent your American Bully from suffering from all health-related issues experienced by most purebred canines, which I’ll discuss throughout this article.

Different Cost for Different Classes

The American Bully dog comes in four different classes. The first and cheapest is the Pocket class, the smallest of these dogs. The Standard and Classic classes are very similar and have similar costs above the Pocket class. The most expensive class in the XL is the largest and tallest of the three. The American Bully XL is the class of American Bully I have — and they’re quite expensive when it comes to care.

2. American Bullies Are Prone to Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia

Like most purebred dogs, the American Bully is subject to health concerns that may occur at any time during their life. One of the main issues the American Bully breed may experience is hip dysplasia. 

Breeders have to get their dogs expensive hip dysplasia tests to consider breeding.

Hip dysplasia is when the ball of the hip doesn’t fit the socket properly and grinds when they move their hips. This condition can be excruciating for dogs and is known to worsen over time.

Over time, some dogs may become unable to walk and may experience pain when lying down or sitting.

There are a few treatments for hip dysplasia that don’t cost very much, such as weight loss or reduction of exercise. Some more costly options may help your American Bully even more, such as medications, or, in extreme cases, surgery.

Surgery is the most effective treatment of hip dysplasia. This surgery completely replaces the hip, and this is the only way to cure the issue altogether. Not only is the surgery costly, but you’ll also have to pay for an entirely new hip for your dog, which can rack up quite the bill.

3. Skin Diseases Are Prominent in the Breed

American Bullies are also subject to a few skin diseases. It’s very common for this breed to experience eczema, seborrhea, and hot spots. 

These first two skin conditions can cause redness, dryness, and itchiness. These conditions can be treated with medications. Veterinarians will treat the symptoms of these diseases, but they’re costly because they’re usually lifelong.

Therefore, they require you to treat the symptoms continuously.

Hot spots are irritated parts of the skin that can become lesions that contain pus. Hot spots are very common for American bullies. When hot spots are severe, they require a vet visit and sometimes antibiotics. And, as most dog owners know, regular visits to the veterinarian can cost a lot of money.

4. The Breed Is Susceptible to Eye Conditions

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Eye conditions are also common for American Bullies. How does this make them more expensive? All of the eye conditions that American Bully dogs can suffer from usually require corrective surgery. 

The eye problems American Bullies are known for are cherry eye, entropion, dry eye, and ulcers on the cornea. Most of these can cause your dog permanent damage if left untreated. Some of these will require frequent vet visits to manage even without surgery.

5. American Bullies Cost a Lot to Train

American Bullies aren’t notoriously difficult to train. However, they can be stubborn and willful, making training a little more time consuming than other more submissive breeds.

With that said, these dogs are brilliant. With time and effort, they typically respond well to training — and training is essential due to societal views on breeds of this type.

The most common breeds put down for aggressive behavior are in the same category as American Bullies. Some of the dogs put down, for this reason, aren’t necessarily aggressive but just poorly trained, undersocialized, or not appropriately supervised. 

For these reasons, you must have your American Bully trained correctly so that their behavior can never be misinterpreted as aggressive. While there are many ways to train an American Bully on your own, it’s best to choose an experienced obedience trainer who’s familiar with the breed — and professional training costs $30 to $80 per class.

Many dog trainers offer 9 weeks of training with two classes per week. That’s $540 to $1,440 (€479 to €1,276) for only 18 training sessions!

6. The Breed Requires a Lot of Exercise

This breed requires quite a bit of exercise to stay healthy. If you already have a large fenced-in yard, then you won’t need to spend much money in this area. 

However, if you have a smaller yard or one that isn’t fenced, you may need to spend time and money taking your dog to a park to get that critical exercise in. It’s best to combine toys and training into your dog’s activity to stimulate them properly.

You could hire a dog walker to give your American Bully the exercise that it needs everyday. However, you’ll need to ensure that your dog is well-trained beforehand, which takes us back to training costs.

Additionally, American Bullies do not do well with being left alone all day. These dogs do best with active families that they can go with to places to get exercise. As such, you’ll need to invest in dog gear and accessories, which we’ll discuss in the next section.

7. You’ll Need Dog Gear and Accessories

Depending on the class of your American Bully, there are specific gear and accessories you need for your dog. 

Being that I’m the owner of an XL American Bully, I know first-hand that a lot of the gear suitable for dogs of this size tends to be costly. As such, you’ll be spending more on your American Bully than you would on a dog of a smaller size.

For example, you’ll need collars and leashes made out of strong and durable material. You also need toys that don’t fall apart too easily, as American Bullies are “power chewers.” Everything you buy for a dog of this size must be strong and hard to destroy.

In addition, American Bullies love to come along with you wherever you go, and if you need to take them to the park for exercise, they most likely will be traveling with you in your car.

One thing you may not think of until it’s too late is your dog destroying your back seat. Something those with American Bullies should have is a good seat cover to protect the interior of your car.

Amazon offers one that works perfectly for this: Kytely Upgraded Dog Car Seat Cover. It fits in cars, trucks, and SUVs, and protects the entire backseat from pet hair, dander, and other messes.

8. American Bullies Need Regular Grooming

While the grooming requirements for the average American Bully is not excessive, their susceptibility to skin conditions may cause them to need more regular grooming.

Their short coats make it to where they only need occasional baths and brushing around once a week. If they shed a lot, you’ll need even more grooming — and grooming costs add up. Additionally, you’ll need regular nail trimming and possible anal gland expression (if they have an issue expressing their glands on their own). 

Also, if your dog is suffering from any skin conditions, it may be recommended to take them to a professional groomer or a vet to have their skin cleaned adequately without hurting them.

9. Specialty Canine Diets Are Expensive

American Bullies are also known to have allergies, especially to generic dog food that uses grains as the first ingredient. My American Bully suffers from allergies. As such, we went through several different types of food before I finally found the one that worked for him, which turned out to be no grain, lamb-based kibble.

You have to make sure that your dog has a type of food that works for them, and it can cost a lot of money having to try different foods in order to find the right one. Also specialty food brands typically cost more than generic brands, but it may be necessary for your dog’s health.

10. Pure Breeds May Have Congenital Heart Defects

Most purebred dogs are known to have congenital defects. American Bullies are prone to hereditary heart diseases such as subaortic and pulmonic stenosis, mitral valve disease, and septal defect.

These diseases require extensive care for both symptoms and treatment to keep your dog as healthy as possible.

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