What Is the Bite Force of an American Bully?

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The American Bully is a new breed that is famous for its powerful and square-set jaw. If you have one of these beautiful dogs, you might wonder how powerful their bites are. 

The bite force of an American Bully is 305 pounds (138.35 kg) per square inch (6.5 cm). This incredibly strong bite is rivaled only by larger dogs such as the Cane Corso and the Mastiff.

Read on to find out more about how strong of a bite this pup has, and we’ll also go over some comparisons with other dogs. 

How Strong Is an American Bully Bite?

American Bullies are built to be powerful. With muscles extending from almost every area on their bodies, they are one of the strongest medium-sized dogs out there. Compounding this strength is their massive bite power, stronger than over sixty percent of their dog counterparts.

Of course, some dogs exceed the American Bully, and we’ll get into that a little later. For now, let’s go into some depth about how strong the bite of this dog is. 

An American Bully’s bite strength is 305 pounds per square inch (PSI). This means that the dog can press down 305 pounds for every square inch its teeth cover. This is a huge amount, but it doesn’t even begin to measure up to some of the other dogs we’ll discuss today.

This dog has enormously strong jaws and can use extreme pressure with its grip. You’ve probably experienced this firsthand if you’ve ever been involved in a hefty game of tug-o-war with this type of dog. Once the American Bully gets its powerful jaws around something, or someone, pulling away is near impossible. 

Of course, the PSI (pounds per square inch) measurement may not be entirely accurate. This is because other factors also affect how strong a dog bites at any given moment. Some of the other factors that must be considered include the following: 

  • What the dog was biting down on when the bite was measured.
  • What emotion is the dog feeling at the time of the bite – playful bites get less pressure than aggressive bites.
  • The personality of the dog. Each dog will be more or less willing to offer a hard bite depending on its individual character. This is true even when the breed is all the same, such as in the case of the American Bully.

The only way to truly measure how strong the bite is to provoke the dog into its most aggressive state. Once it reaches this state, the dog will rapidly bite down as hard as possible, leaving you with a more accurate bite force. 

However, some lines often get crossed with this concerning animal cruelty. How far is too far to push an animal to get an accurate reading? For this reason, most of our data on the American Bully and other dogs with enormously strong bites is experimental. 

American Bully Jaw Strength

american bully running

With a bite force so strong, one has to wonder how strong the American Bully’s jaw actually is.

While there have been rumors that the American Bully has a jaw so strong that they often deal with jaw locking – meaning that the dog will bite down and cannot or will not release – this isn’t completely accurate. Most of this is just misinformation about this dog breed.

Most of this has been bred out of fear, but there is a reality to how strong the American Bully’s jaw actually is. As we discussed, the bite force of the American Bully is at 305 PSI. Now, this isn’t necessarily completely accurate, but the lowest that it’s been measured is around 250 PSI in situations where the dog is not aggressive.

This amount of jaw strength still packs a powerful punch if the dog bites you or someone else. An American Bully has a strong enough jaw to break bones without too much issue and tear straight through skin and muscle. They have also been known to rip limbs out of sockets in extreme situations. 

However, this is rare, and you shouldn’t let this inspire fear of this animal. The American Bully isn’t any different than any other dog, and all dogs can be provoked into this degree of aggressiveness.

A strong bite doesn’t mean that the dog is dangerous. If you’ve got young children at home and are wondering if American Bullies are safe to have around, check out our other article here!

What Other Dog Breeds Have Major Bite Force? 

Surprisingly, tons of dogs have just as strong of a bite as the American Bully. Many of these dogs even have stronger bites than this type of pup. However, this doesn’t mean that the American Bully should be deliberately provoked. You should always use caution when in situations with aggressive animals.

Let’s look at some other dogs with a huge bite force:

  • Kangal: Kangals lead the way with a bite force of 743 PSI – a whopping 440 pounds more than the American Bully.
  • American Bandogge: This pup doesn’t fall far below the Kangal with a bite force of 730 PSI. 
  • Cane Corso: The Cane Corso falls third in this list with a bite force of 700 PSI. 
  • Tosa Inu: This type of pup drops the PSI, with its bite measuring 556 PSI. In addition, the English Mastiff and Dogue De Bordeaux also have a bite that measures 556 PSI.
  • Dogo Argentino: This type of dog brings the PSI down to 500 PSI.
  • Wolfdog: Wolfdogs have powerful bites measuring 406 PSI.
  • Rottweiler: This type of pup is almost the same bite force as the American Bully at 328 PSI. 
  • Siberian Husky: Siberian Huskies have a bite force of 320 PSI, only slightly above the American Bully.

Other dogs that have a smaller bite force include: 

  • Doberman
  • German Shepherd
  • American Pitbull
  • Labrador Retrievers

Final Thoughts

The bite force of the American Bully comes in at a whopping 305 PSI. This places this pup directly in the middle of many other dogs. There are quite a few that have a much stronger bite, but the American Bully still packs a punch.


2 thoughts on “What Is the Bite Force of an American Bully?”

  1. The myth of ‘jaw locking’ is alive and kicking!

    I’ve kept Bull Terriers for 40 years.

    No, their jaws don’t ‘lock’, it’s a myth for all dogs perpetrated by idiots. The dog just doesn’t want to let go. They’ve been encouraged to hold on regardless from a pup which is very poor training for a powerful dog by rather stupid people.

    These XL Bully breeds are a bit of a monstrosity generally speaking. Bred by the wrong people (idiots) for the wrong people (other idiots) and for the wrong reasons ($). The more extreme they are bred the more pitiful an animal they are.

    Please stop. But I know you won’t.

    1. That’s what I say about the jaw locking myth in this post… and you can have your own opinion about the XL bully breed without insulting people , “nobody special”

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