How Much Do Pitbulls Drool?

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Certain breeds drool more than others, but all dogs drool to some degree. If you plan on getting a pitbull or already have one, you may be wondering how much they drool.

Most pitbulls don’t drool all that much. Some may drool occasionally when they are waiting for their food or going on a walk. However, if you notice excessive amounts of drooling, your pitbull may be suffering from an issue that requires vet attention. 

If you want to know more about how much pitbulls actually drool, what is considered normal and what is not, what are some of the causes of excessive drooling and more, read on. 

Pitbulls and Drooling

Drooling is something all dog owners have to deal with, especially with certain breeds. But, drooling isn’t something to fear, although it may be annoying sometimes. It’s a normal element of their life and a natural part of their digestion. 

Your dog will likely drool more when they are hungry, when you are just about to give them a treat or when they know something they like is coming. They will also drool more in their sleep, but even humans do that. 

Pitbulls also drool more when they are nervous or stressed. You’ll notice that they are breathing heavily, panting, and generally looking more anxious. This will be accompanied by drooling as well. 

Some pitbulls have a looser upper lip due to breeding. These pitbulls will drool more than regular ones, so this is something to keep in mind. Excessive drooling tends to be normal with these dogs. 

However, pitbulls are not normally excessive droolers. They will do it here and there, but if they do it all the time, you may need to seek help. Here are some of the reasons why your dog may be drooling excessively:

Teeth and Mouth Issue

The first place to look at if your pitbull is drooling too much is their mouth, naturally. The most common cause for excessive drooling in pitbulls is that they have a tartar buildup on their teeth. This is why their teeth have to be cleaned frequently, either by you or by a professional at the dog salon. 

If you want to do it on your own, consider getting this Arm & Hammer Clinical Care Dental Gum Health Kit for Dogs, which will help you maintain their oral health without harming them as the brush is gentle and the toothpaste is designed for dogs. 

If you let the tartar buildup too much, you could risk having that transmitted to their lips and create unnecessary drool. Take them to the vet and get their teeth and mouth checked, as they may also be an injury that is causing the drool.

Regular checkups could help you notice issues as soon as they happen and prevent them from progressing. 

Check for swelling or redness in their hums, bleeding, and other abnormalities. 

Kidney or Liver Disease

Pitbulls that have kidney or liver disease are also prone to drooling. This is more common in older pitbulls, but any of them can get it if they don’t get the proper care. If your pitbull is older or adopted from a shelter, you should have them checked with a vet frequently and catch any disease as soon as possible. 

If this is the case, the vet will give you the right medications and care tips to help your dog get better soon. 

Toxic Food

Dogs, just like humans, are very sensitive to eating anything that could harm them. So, you should ensure that they are only eating the type of food they are allowed to eat, which has no toxins. 

Fortunately, most owners are very careful when feeding their pups, so this problem is easy enough to avoid. And yet, a dog often eats an animal or a plant that is toxic to them. 

When it comes to animals, your dog shouldn’t eat rats, mice, insects, or anything else that can carry pesticides. Be mindful of them eating frogs or spiders since some types can be toxic too. Keep your dog away from areas that have these when you take your walks. Make sure that there are no rats and mice around your home as well. 

Dogs may also eat a toxic plant, which can make them drool more. Check with your vet which plants are toxic to your pup and then keep them away from those plants. Some will only make them drool more, but some may make them seriously sick. 

Your pitbull can also eat an object that’s not meant to be eaten by any living being, such as balls, or coins, or anything small enough to fit in their mouth. If they do ingest any of these things, you may have a serious problem on your hands, as it will cause them pain, possible inside injury, and drooling as a symptom. 

Train them not to eat these things or keep them outside of their reach. 


Dogs don’t really enjoy spending time in the hot weather, especially dogs with a shorter nose. While pitbulls may not have an exceptionally short nose, they may have trouble dealing with heat. 

They might even get heatstroke if you keep them outside in the sun for too long, which causes drooling. If it’s sunny outside, make sure that they have easy access to water and shade, so that they don’t dehydrate and so that they can move away from the sun if it gets too uncomfortable for them. 

How to Deal With Pitbull Drool 

Now that you know what causes the drool in dogs, you can find out how to deal with it.

Of course, if your dog is sick and that is what is causing the drool, you should go to your vet and ask them for recommendations. But, if all that drool is normal, you should learn how to make that situation easier for both of you. 

One of the simplest things you can do is get your dog a bandana and tie it around its neck. This will look good, won’t bother your dog, and it will collect any excess drool from your dog’s mouth. You can also use it to wipe their mouth when necessary. 

A good option is getting this Remy+Roo Dog Bandanas pack with four bandanas that are soft, adjustable, come in various sizes, and absorb saliva easily.

They are also washable and very stylish for your pup. 

Dogs drool more after a walk or a run, so make sure that you wipe their mouth immediately after any activity.

Another great tip is to place a cloth that absorbs liquids well in the area where your dog eats, as they will drool more when they are hungry or looking for food or treats. 

If you are going on a car ride, anticipate more drooling than normal as they will get stressed. Place a towel beneath them. You can also feed them before going on a ride, a few hours earlier, so that the hunger itself doesn’t increase drooling. 


Pitbulls are not the breed famous for drooling, but they still do it, just like many other breeds do. In most cases, this will be completely normal and related to happiness, hunger, stress, or anxiety. However, in some cases, it can be because of a more serious issue, and you have to consult your vet on how to fix it. 

There are some easy things that you can do to deal with the drool, so apply them. Clean any dog drool that ends up on your floor or furniture with simple household cleaning items like detergent.

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