Do American Bullies Need Haircuts? 5 Things To Know

american bully with a clean haircut

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It’s hard to find a dog breed as low maintenance as the American Bully. Those who’ve never owned this breed tend to assume from their experience or knowledge of other dog breeds that their American Bully needs a haircut now and then. But does it?

American Bullies usually don’t need haircuts because they have short coats. However, you can give your dog a very light haircut to manage excessive shedding.

Unlike long-haired dog breeds, American Bullies don’t have to be brushed too often unless they shed lots of hair. As an XL American Bully owner, I’ve learned how to manage excessive shedding in American Bullies — they don’t need elaborate grooming rituals or frequent haircuts. Keep reading as I explain what you need to know before deciding whether or not your American Bully needs a haircut.

Things To Know Before You Give Your American Bully a Haircut

American Bullies are generally low-maintenance dogs. Unlike long-haired dog breeds, they don’t demand frequent and extensive grooming. However, you still have to care for your Bully’s coats to keep them looking, feeling, and smelling nice. 

American Bullies sometimes develop hair and skin issues, causing them to shed more than usual. I understand that brushing your dog’s coat off from the couch, bed, and your clothing is irritating. But excessive shedding doesn’t necessarily mean your canine friend needs a drastic haircut.

Here are 5 things to know if you’re considering giving your American Bully a haircut:

1. American Bullies Have Short Coats

Most bully breeds have short, stiff coats. The American Bully is no exception. However, some dogs might grow a long, wavy coat. If your pet is shedding excessively, you can give it a haircut.

When giving a haircut, remember not to crop too close. The coat protects your dog and keeps it warm in cold weather. If you’ve given it a haircut, invest in a quality doggie sweater for winter. 

2. Consistent Brushing Helps You Keep on Top of Shed Hair

A haircut isn’t always the ideal solution to the problem of excessive shedding in your American Bully.

If your pet is a heavy shedder and you’re tired of picking up clumps of hair from the couch, your clothes, and the car seat, a consistent regimen of brushing will resolve the issue. The more you brush your pet (daily if you can), the more you can keep on top of shed hair. 

Regular brushing also keeps your dog’s coat clean and free from dirt, dander, and pollen. It also distributes the skin’s natural oils, so they form a protective covering and keep your dog’s coat healthy and shining. 

3. A Poor Diet Can Cause Excessive Shedding

Not many American Bully owners know that diet plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and shiny coat in their pets. Your pet needs a balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and high-quality protein. The proper diet will help strengthen the hair follicles and reduce hair loss.

The store shelves are full of dog food brands and their countless offerings, and it’s hard to figure out which one will work for your American Bully. I understand your confusion.

4. Most American Bullies Have Sensitive Skin

American Bullies are built powerfully, but these dog breeds have sensitive skins. Some dogs are allergic to food items, household cleaners, environmental dust and pollen, and medications.

Severe allergic reactions can cause the skin to become itchy. When your dog scratches or licks excessively to get rid of the itch, it’ll shed more. 

You must identify the allergen immediately and remove it from your dog’s environment. If you suspect the allergen is in its food, switch to a different brand for some time to see your pet’s reaction. The allergens might also be in the brand of shampoo you use to bathe it. 

You shouldn’t bathe your American Bully more than once a month. Over-bathing can cause its coat to dry out and lose the protective barrier of oils over its skin. It can cause your dog to shed more. 

Being outdoors in the heat can cause your dog to shed hair. Keep your dog indoors when the weather is hot. Let it venture out or take it on walks early in the morning or evening when it cools down. While indoors, ensure that you maintain a temperature that keeps your dog cool. 

5. Treat Hotspots To Minimize Hair Loss

American Bully breeds are prone to hotspots, irritated and inflamed areas of the skin that manifest as hairless, bald patches. Over-grooming, allergic reactions or parasitic infections can cause them.

Your vet might prescribe medications to treat the root cause of the hotspots. 

As a loving pet owner, you’ll want to ensure your dog is always clean and smells nice. But American Bullies don’t need excessive and elaborate grooming rituals. Over-grooming on your part can cause your pet’s sensitive skin to turn raw and lose hair. Grooming too often can also strip away the protective barrier of oils on your pet’s skin.

Final Thoughts

American Bullies have short coats that, in some dogs, can grow long. But not all Bullies need haircuts.

However, these breeds do shed, and if excessive shedding is a problem, explore other ways of managing it instead of rushing to give your pet a haircut. Sometimes, a too-close crop can be uncomfortable for the dog, especially in winter. 

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  1. My baby boy Mars has a custom made collar for from tatipup. He’s always wearing it but would the collar cause it for him to shed more ? I’m not going to lie I haven’t cleaned the collar and he’s always wearing it because of the AirTag I installed on it. Should I keep the collar wear to an outside only or?

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