Can American Pitbulls Live in Apartments? 5 Facts

american pitbull on a dog bed inside an apartment

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Are you wondering if American Pitbulls are good apartment dogs? While pit bulls aren’t the easiest to have in a small apartment, they do just fine with the proper training! Pitbulls are very smart but need an active lifestyle, especially when you live in an apartment. 

Can a Pitbull live in an apartment?

Pitbulls can live in an apartment, but you should ensure that you’re not gone all day since they need a lot of high-quality training and activity to thrive in an apartment. In addition, some landlords mistakenly believe this breed is dangerous and will ban them- make sure to ask first. 

In this article, I’ll cover everything you need to know about keeping your American pitbull in an apartment. Let’s get started! 

Things To Know Before Moving a Pitbull Into an Apartment

Pitbulls are very intelligent, social, and energetic. They may like living in an apartment because they always have neighbors and other dogs to greet.

However, you’ll first need to check in with your landlord and ensure that dogs are allowed. Some allow dogs but still specifically ban pit bulls, so it’s best to know before adopting a dog. 

Your dog will also need to be quiet so that they don’t bother the neighbors. Pitbulls usually aren’t big barkers, and most won’t bark just for the sake of barking since they’re very smart and aren’t typically aggressive.

Still, since every dog is different, you’ll want to consider how your pet would react to hearing people through the apartment walls during the day. 

Lastly, it’s best if you think about the dog’s personality. You’re sure to run into strangers when taking your bully for a walk. Getting in and out of the apartment could require going up and down narrow staircases or elevators.

You need to know your dog won’t react poorly to being around other people in tight spaces. 

Suppose your American pitbull has a personality suited to being around others. In that case, it’s alright to bring them to an apartment! However, you’ll want to know these five facts first: 

1. Pitbulls Need Daily Exercise

brown pitbull with a short coat

Apartments can be cramped, so your dog won’t walk around as much during the day.

You must take them on a walk every single day because of this. Pitbulls are naturally very energetic, and walking helps them burn off some energy. 

Plus, taking your pitbull out frequently is a great way to socialize them.

If you don’t have the time to walk your pitbull every day, then it’s not a good idea to move into an apartment with one.

It would be best to walk your pitbull for at least 30 to 60 minutes per day– you can do a long walk or break it into a few short strolls. 

Your dog won’t be happy stuck in an apartment all day long. They could become agitated and act out. Overall, your pitbull will be much happier and more comfortable living in a small space if you take them outside daily. 

2. Pitbulls Need Entertainment

baby pitbull biting a toy

If your pitbull gets bored, they’re likely to trash the apartment looking for something fun to do. You’ll need to ensure they have plenty of access to toys and things to do when you’re not home. 

American Pitbulls can be hard on their toys! You’ll want ones that are hard enough to last. I recommend trying the GoughNuts Virtually Indestructible Ring.

The natural reinforced rubber makes it harder to break. Also, the company makes the ring in different strengths– the strongest one is best for Pitbulls. 

Another option is a treat puzzle toy. As the dog rolls the toy around, it drops treats for them to enjoy. Dogs can get a ton of entertainment out of these types of toys while you’re gone! You could also fill a hollow toy with peanut butter for them to snack on. 

Outside of food, you can also entertain your pitbull by leaving the TV on or leaving the curtains open for them to watch outside. Even if you leave your pitbull plenty of things to do, make sure you’re not gone for too long. 

3. Pitbulls Need Bathroom Access Every 6 Hours

young pitbull pup

How often do pitbulls need to go out?

On average, pitbulls need to go outside at least 3 to 5 times per day to have the opportunity to relieve themselves. Veterinarians recommend that adult pitbulls go no more than 6-8 hours between trips outdoors.

When your dog is a young pup, you will need to be there and available to walk him. I recommend walking him out every hour, on the hour, so your pup can learn where and when to relieve itself.

If you are getting a pitbull puppy, I recommend to take at least two weeks off if you can, and to gradually get him used to you being here or absent.

Loneliness can be very stressfull at first.

Your dog will feel less anxious in an apartment when they have constant access to a bathroom, especially in an apartment. If bringing your dog in and out of the apartment is not possible, you’ll want to give them better access to a bathroom during the day. 

This is really not ideal though but better than nothing if you cannot be there at least every 6 hours for an adult, or every 1 to 2 hours for a puppy.

The best way to do this is with a large bathroom mat. With consistent training, your pitbull will quickly learn how to use it. They’ll also feel much less anxious knowing they can relieve themselves whenever they need to, even when you’re not home. 

Having a bathroom mat also prevents your dog from making a mess inside the apartment, which can be costly (and not fun) to fix. 

4. Pitbulls Shed Consistently During the Year

It’s also a good idea to get a pet vacuum when living in an apartment to help you deal with dog hair.

Pitbulls shed consistently during the year. While this means you won’t have to deal with more shedding during changing seasons, small apartments can still quickly become overloaded with fur. 

Pet vacuums get deeper into the carpet than a normal one.

They’re better for dealing with pet hair overall too. I recommend the Bissell 2252 CleanView Swivel Vacuum if you’re looking for one. It comes with specialized tools to remove all the pet hair from your home. Plus, it holds up to a liter (~0.3 gallons) of dirt and fur inside. 

With a good vacuum, you can be sure to get your deposit back!

5. Pitbulls Need Baths

american bully showing its teeth during shower

Next, pit bulls need to have occasional baths.

Bathing your pet about once a month is enough to keep their coat shiny and healthy. However, it’s even more critical to provide baths when living in a small apartment. 

Some dogs have a naturally more pungent smell than others. This smell can build up on your furniture, carpet, and other home areas. It’s much more noticeable in apartments because the space is so small. 

Overall, you’ll want to wash your pet at least once a month.

Some Pitbulls won’t need as frequent bathing, so you can get away with washing them every two or three months. So, if you want to avoid your apartment smelling like your dog, then it’s good to bathe them! 

Raising a Pitbull in an Apartment

bully in an apartment

Raising a pitbull in an apartment isn’t impossible. You’ll need to set aside time for playing, training, walking, and spending time with your dog. I wouldn’t recommend you get a pitbull if you’re going to be out most days. 

Large dog breeds can live happily in an apartment, but it will take a lot of work on your part to make it happen. Pitbulls are smart, so they need plenty of entertainment.

Otherwise, they can quickly get bored and look for things to do, which usually ends in a mess. They can also get restless being inside all day, which isn’t great for a pitbull’s mentality.

You’ll need to make sure you can dedicate yourself to training the dog before adopting one. Both dogs and puppies can easily adjust when given proper training.

If you already have a pitbull and consider moving to an apartment, make sure you thoroughly train the dog to be around people first. 

Final Thoughts

In short, American Pitbulls can live in apartments!

Your dog will need additional training to ensure they’re comfortable around so many strangers. Plus, you’ll need to make sure they won’t bark too loudly and bother your neighbors. 

Overall, American Pitbulls can easily adjust to life in a small space, as long as you take consistent walks with them every day. Getting out of the apartment helps keep them from having too much energy and getting too bored with their lives.

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