Are American Pitbull Terriers Bad for Allergy Sufferers?

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You probably already know that allergy sufferers get allergic reactions due to exposure to triggers such as dust, smoke, animal hair, urine, dander, or saliva. Some people keep Poodles because these dogs don’t shed much.

But what about those who want to adopt American Pitbull Terriers—will these dogs cause them allergic reactions? 

American Pitbull Terriers can be bad for allergy sufferers because, like most dogs, they shed hair, leave saliva droplets in the house, or sometimes urinate on furniture in the home. But allergy sufferers can keep their allergies reactions at bay by prioritizing cleaning at all times.

Keep reading to learn about the American Pitbull Terrier’s shedding pattern, the allergic triggers this breed causes, ways of keeping allergies at bay, and personal care to control allergic reactions. Let’s dive in. 

Are American Pitbull Terriers Hypoallergenic Dogs?

Hypoallergenic means that a pet or any animal kept at home will not cause allergic harm to people that come in contact with them. 

American Pitbull Terriers are not hypoallergenic dogs; no dogs are completely hypoallergenic. All dogs shed fur and dander, common allergy triggers, and the American Pitbull Terriers are no different. 

Major Irritants That Come From American Pitbull Terriers

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The most common irritants from dogs like American Pitbull Terriers are: 

  • Dander: Dander is dead skin flakes shed from pets’ skin. It’s the most common trigger of pet allergy. 
  • Fur: American Pitbull Terriers are heavy shedders. They shed twice per year during the shedding seasons. However, they shed some hair from scratching against walls when they get itchy skin from time to time. Every time they do this, they leave tiny particles of hair flying all over the place, triggering people’s allergies. 
  • Urine: Some people are allergic to strong smells from pets’ urine. Your American Pitbull Terrier can urinate on the carpet, sofa sets, bed, or anywhere within the compound. When ammonia from the urine evaporates into the air, it generates some toxic fumes that act as allergy triggers. 
  • Saliva: Some people react adversely to a dog’s saliva. Some wheeze, while others start itching. 

How To Control Allergies Triggered by American Pitbull Terriers

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It’s now clear that American Pitbull terriers aren’t hypoallergenic. That means if you’re allergic to dogs, you can potentially have a terrible experience living with the American Pitbull Terrier as a pet. So what can you do to keep allergy triggers from dogs at bay? 

Maintain Proper Nutrition and Diet

Check on what you feed your American Pitbull Terrier. Like humans, dogs can experience food allergies that affect their skin and cause shedding. 

You should also ensure your pet gets all the necessary nutrients from feeds. Feeding your dog with the proper nutrients keeps its skin healthy and shiny, which in return reduces shedding. 

Moreover, it’s vital to be in constant communication with your vet. These professionals are better positioned to advise on the best and the most effective dog diets. The vet will also advise what foods you should stop feeding your dog. Your vet will also help you introduce a new diet for your dog if need be. 

Groom Your American Pitbull Terrier Regularly

Regular grooming can help reduce too much shedding. You can’t change how much your dog sheds, but you can control the frequency through proper grooming. 

Brushing and bathing greatly help reduce shedding. You should adopt these practices as part of your pet’s essential grooming process to ensure it maintains healthy skin.

Scheduled regular brushing helps reduce the quantity of hair that drops around the house and the compound. For home brushing, you can use a good-quality slicker brush.

Moreover, ensure to use the right shampoo when bathing your dog to avoid triggering skin irritation that can cause it to scratch and release more dander or fur.

However, proper grooming doesn’t mean bathing your dog every day. Doing that will rip off essential oils from your dog’s skin; hence your dog’s skin can become dry and irritated. As a result, your dog will be scratching against walls and other surfaces, leaving hair and dead skin all over the place. 

Ensure that you have an excellent brush or shedding tool for your pitbull to help you get rid of all excess fur during the shedding season because American Pitbull Terriers are heavy shedders. 

Consider the FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool. Its stainless steel de-shedding edge reaches through the coat to quickly and safely remove all the loose hair and undercoat without hurting the skin if you use it as directed. 

Contain Your Pet’s Hair

Containing your pet’s hair means controlling shed-off points. 

Dogs shed off more hair while asleep, meaning the best place to manage their hair shedding is in the areas where they sleep. 

Containing your dog’s hair makes it easier for you to clean every morning and prevents the hair from scattering all over the house. 

You can’t achieve this control measure without training your pet first, meaning you need to introduce your American Pitbull Terrier to sleeping in one specific place at all times, whether napping or taking long hours of sleep. 

Keep Your House Clean

If you take care of your dog without considering your space, your work is in vain. Keeping your house clean at all times will significantly help to keep pet allergies at bay. 

Vacuum your carpets and couches daily to get rid of pet hair.

Apart from vacuuming and cleaning sofa sets and carpets, ensure that you change your bedding daily if you sleep with your dog. That way, you reduce the chances of accumulating pet hair in your room. 

Better yet, if you can, don’t welcome your dog to your room. By doing that, you won’t be troubled in your bedroom, and it’ll remain your safe place. 

As a way of promoting cleanliness, teach your American Pitbull Terrier to stay away from your sofa sets. It’ll reduce your exposure to dog hair. 

Practice Personal Hygiene

Ensure to wash your hands or take a full-body bath after handling your pet. Every time you do that, you remove any hair the dog could have left on you. 

Washing your hands protects you from the irritation of touching your face with contaminated hands. 

Use Medication To Control Your Allergies

A physician may recommend any of the following medications to help control allergies: 

  • Antihistamine: These medicines work wonders on allergic reactions. They help minimize the harshness of irritation caused by allergens. You can find them in different forms, such as sprays, tablets, eye drops, or creams. Whichever you choose to buy depends on the area affected. Antihistamine medications are readily available in your nearest pharmacy. 
  • Decongestants: These medicines help reduce inflammation on the nasal passages, making breathing through the nose easier.

Final Thoughts

American Pitbull Terriers can be bad for allergy sufferers. They shed off hair and dander, causing allergic reactions. 

However, having allergic reactions shouldn’t be the reason for you not to keep your favorite dog since there are ways to control the intensity of the allergies. Keeping an American Pitbull Terrier shouldn’t be a problem as long as you adhere to the laid-out guidelines of controlling allergies. 

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