How To Make an American Bully’s Head Grow Bigger

american bully with a big head

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American Bullies are the perfect family dog, and while they might look intimidating, they’re some of the sweetest dog breeds.

One of the most prominent features of American Bullies is their large heads, so many owners want to ensure their Bully’s head grows as it should. So, how do you make an American Bully’s head grow bigger?

Here are 5 tips to make an American Bully’s head grow bigger:

  1. Give your American Bully the right vitamins.
  2. Ensure your American Bully gets adequate exercise.
  3. Give your American Bully a balanced diet.
  4. Give your pregnant Bully growth formula.
  5. Strengthen your American Bully’s head and face muscles.

Read on to learn more about which vitamins are best to give to your American Bully, how much exercise this dog breed requires, the best diet for this dog, and various steps you can take to grow a Bully’s head before it’s even born.

I’ll also go over different ways to strengthen your American Bully’s head and face muscles for the maximum benefits.

1. Give Your American Bully the Right Vitamins

Vitamins are an essential aspect of life. So, if they’re crucial to you, they’re just as important to dogs. For an American Bully, vitamins are essential for proper growth, especially for the head! While genetics is the main factor in your American Bully’s head growth, providing the proper vitamins will ensure your Bully’s head will grow to its maximum potential.

Many vitamins are great for American Bullies. Giving your American Bully puppy vitamins is helpful because the puppy is in its growing stage. However, continuing to give your adult dog these vitamins is also beneficial. 

These vitamins include vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin B complex. I’ll get into the advantages of each of these vitamins.

Vitamin A 

Vitamin A is the vitamin responsible for encouraging good eyesight. Carrots have a lot of vitamin A in them, which is a primary reason why our parents preach how eating carrots will give us perfect vision!

However, while carrots (or vitamin A) won’t ensure you or your dog have perfect vision, including plenty of vitamin A in your dog’s diet will only help improve its eyesight, hair, skin, and overall growth. In fact, vitamin A in dogs is said to help with fetal development, cell function, and immune function. 

Therefore, it’s essential to ensure your American Bully gets plenty of vitamin A as a puppy, even while still in the womb. Providing your American Bully with copious amounts of vitamin A as both a fetus and a puppy will ensure its head will grow to its maximum size. It’s because vitamin A supports fetal development and cell function, which are essential to head growth.

Vitamin D

american bully in the sand

Vitamin D is the vitamin you get from sun exposure. While this vitamin is essential to a dog’s (and person’s) overall health, it’s also an excellent vitamin that supports healthy bone growth. Vitamin D supports bone growth by helping your Bully’s body balance minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus.

Without an adequate amount of vitamin D in your American Bully’s diet, it can’t develop its muscles and bones properly. Therefore, a growing American Bully puppy must get a large amount of vitamin D so that its bones and muscles grow to their most significant potential.

The muscle and bone growth vitamin D supports includes the muscles and bones in the head. Therefore, supplying enough vitamin D in your dog’s diet will ensure its head will grow as big as genetically possible.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B complex is a group of B vitamins that consists of vitamin B12, vitamin B6, and various other helpful vitamins that play an essential role in your dog’s overall health, including the size of its head. Vitamin B complex helps with energy metabolism, enzyme function, nervous system function, immune response, and more.

So make sure you add vitamin B complex to your dog’s diet to keep your dog happy and healthy, an essential factor in overall growth and development.

Vitamin B is also essential in a dog’s diet to assimilate protein and fat, both of which are crucial to growth and development in a dog at any age. Therefore, adequate amounts of vitamin B can aid in the growth of your American Bully’s head by providing the right nutrients it needs to grow.

2. Ensure Your American Bully Gets Adequate Exercise

Exercise is essential for every dog breed. However, some breeds require more exercise than others. While American Bullies are great dogs for families, I don’t recommend this breed to families who are out of the house often. 

American Bullies are very active dogs, so staying home alone all day isn’t the best environment for them. According to the blog Animal Corner, American Bully’s need around 30 to 60 minutes of exercise daily. 

It’s essential to include physical and mental exercise in this daily exercise. Meaning, taking walks or going on jogs, including various games or playtime, is essential. This mental and physical exercise helps dogs develop physically and mentally.

However, too much exercise on a small dog can cause damage to its bones and joints. Therefore, you have to figure out the right amount of exercise for your dog. Regular exercise will strengthen a dog’s bones, so exercise is essential to helping your American Bully’s head grow bigger.

3. Give Your American Bully a Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is vital for many reasons, and this goes hand-in-hand with ensuring your American Bully has all of the right vitamins in its diet. While what you feed your American Bully won’t magically make its head grow larger, supplying your dog with a well-balanced and healthy diet will only encourage proper growth and give your Bully the best chance for maximum head growth.

For some, a well-balanced diet includes kibble; for others, it’s a raw diet. As long as you ensure your dog is getting all of the proper nutrients, the type of dog food doesn’t necessarily matter. However, it would be best if you always talked to your vet before switching your dog’s diet or attempting a raw diet.

4. Give Your Pregnant Bully Growth Formula

If you already have an American Bully, this tip won’t pertain to you. However, if your American Bully is pregnant and you want the puppies to have the best shot at a large head, there are supplements you can give the expectant mother. 

While this growth formula mainly includes various vitamins and minerals in one, giving your pet an all-in-one, such as Dr. Goodpet Vitamin/Mineral Powder, is much easier. You can also provide this powder to small puppies to support strong bones and a strong immune system.

These supplements will transfer from the mom to her puppies both in the womb and while nursing. Therefore, these supplements will help the puppy grow and develop as it should.

5. Strengthen Your American Bully’s Head and Face Muscles

xl bully pulling toy

Strengthening your American Bully’s head and face muscles is a way to make the jaw muscles more pronounced, therefore making the head seem more significant. The size of your American Bully’s head entirely depends on genetics. Therefore, if the mom or dad didn’t have a large head, it’s unlikely your Bully will. 

Despite this, doing simple things to help exercise those important muscles will work toward the appearance of a bigger head, as continuously working a specific muscle will result in muscle growth.

Strengthening the muscles can include many things. Allowing your Bully to chew on chew toys and playing tug-of-war are two ways to improve the jaw muscles of your American Bully.

The Dewonch No Stuffs Squeaky Leather Tug Toy from is an excellent tug toy for your dog. This tug toy has no stuffing, so you don’t have to worry about your dog eating it, and it is made of leather.

The leather biting grip is an excellent way to strengthen your dog’s jaw muscles as your dog will have to actively grip the toy rather than grip it with its teeth in the fabric.

Key Takeaways

American Bullies are a solid and majestic breed. While sometimes they can get a bad rap due to their intimidating appearance, they’re very kind-hearted. While this dog breed tends to have a large head, some dogs will have larger heads than others. 

Genetics plays the most significant role in the size of your Bully’s head. However, here are some helpful tips to help your American Bully:

  • Give your dog the right vitamins.
  • Provide a well-balanced diet.
  • Exercise your dog.
  • Work on strengthening your dog’s jaw muscles.
  • Ensure the mother has the right supplements (if pregnant with your dog).

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