Can Your American Bully Eat Chicken Bones?

american bully and chicken bone

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The debate on whether dogs can safely eat chicken bones or not has been going on for years between dog owners and enthusiasts worldwide.

Chicken bones are one of the most cost-effective ways to provide your pet with all the calcium and phosphorus they need (which is a lot). That said, can feeding them to your dog be as dangerous as some say?  

American Bullies can eat chicken bones when they’re raw, but not when they’re cooked. When feeding them raw chicken bones, you still need to be careful and observant as they can still be brittle and break. Preferably, you should feed your Bully bigger bones, such as beef shank.

To better understand which bones are better for your Bully’s health and what to do in case your dog accidentally ate a cooked chicken bone, keep reading. 

Why Can’t American Bullies Eat Cooked Chicken Bones?

The cooking process can make a bone more brittle and prone to breaks and splinters. If this happens, your American Bully can swallow these small and sharp particles that can get stuck in the esophagus, cause internal obstruction, or puncture the gastrointestinal tract.

Cooking is a process that breaks down a bone, making it: 

  • Smaller 
  • Thinner 
  • More crumbly 

When a bone is already delicate to begin with, this breaking down process can make it even more brittle, which, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, can cause a lot of damaging effects to your dog’s organism. Therefore, the bones of chicken and poultry, rabbits, lamb, and sheep should never be fed to your American Bully when cooked. 

These types of bones are okay for you to use as a treat if they’re raw. When chicken bones are raw, although delicate, they are softer and retain some moisture in them. This means that they will be less brittle, which will make it harder for them to break and splinter in your dog’s mouth. 

So, if you are on a tighter budget, you can choose chicken to supply your pup with the bones it will need.

Bones are essential in a dog’s diet, as they can aid peristalsis and provide physical stimulation while containing some key micronutrients that are essential to your dog’s well-being.

Although raw chicken bones are an acceptable choice, you still need to be observant when your pet is consuming them, as accidents can still happen. 

On the other hand, if you have a little more room when it comes to your dog food budget, definitely opt for a bigger, more substantial bone, such as beef shank. 

What To Do if Your American Bully Has Eaten a Cooked Chicken Bone?

oso xl bully and his chicken bone

If your American Bully has eaten a cooked chicken bone, firstly make observations for a few moments to determine if there’s anything to be worried about. If so, immediately take your dog to the nearest vet and explain the situation clearly. Try to remain calm throughout this whole process.

American bullies are an energetic breed that needs to be looked after constantly. For this reason, accidents are bound to happen, and your dog may steal a chicken bone right off your plate even if you’re doing your best to avoid it. If this happens, first of all, retain your composure and don’t panic. Even though cooked chicken bones can be dangerous because they tend to break and splinter, this doesn’t always happen, so your dog may be fine. 

So before taking any further steps, start to observe your Bully carefully for a few hours while trying to pick up any sign of discomfort or pain. Watch out for any symptoms of internal bleeding or bowel obstruction

Also, make sure to look for other unusual signs that can indicate a problem, such as: 

  • Vomiting 
  • Lethargy 
  • Bloody stool 
  • General discomfort 

If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, take your dog to the vet immediately, as a chicken bone piece may have punctured its throat, intestines, or stomach.

If you haven’t noticed any unusual symptoms, it would still be a good idea to give your vet a call to explain the situation so they can guide you in what to expect and how to make sure your Bully is physically healthy. 

To avoid this situation in the future, try to keep chicken bones out of your pet’s reach. You can also look into training them not to steal food off the table. Get to know your dog and its habits, and always be a diligent observer. 

This will help you not only prevent this accident from happening but also notice any sign of discomfort or injury as soon as it appears. You may also want to give your dog a few pieces of white bread, as it can help to cushion sharp bone fragments. Having said this, always try to contact your vet first. 

Staying calm and collected throughout every step is crucial, as Bullies are a very clever breed that can pick up on your negative emotions, such as stress.

This will, in turn, affect their behavior making it more difficult to tell the difference between signs of physical and emotional distress. Reacting with panic and fear when catching your dog in the middle of chewing a chicken bone won’t help you, as Bullies tend to be very possessive of their food. 

So always try not to overreact in a situation like this, as it can lead you to make poorly thought-out decisions. Just observe, try to get in contact with your vet, and follow through with the steps that they recommend you take. 

What Bones Should You Give to an American Bully?

big raw beef bone

Larger, more substantial bones can be chewed without breaking. In any case, the raw alternative would be the way to go, as cooking can make even the biggest bones fragile and brittle. Raw bones are chewable and softer, making them an excellent nutrient-dense treat that poses no significant health danger. 

The best and most nutritious bone you can give your American Bully is a raw beef bone, ideally taken from the middle of the animal’s femur or a large marrow bone.

Even with raw bones, you will need to be observant and careful to make sure your dog isn’t putting itself at any potential risk.

To do this, always make sure to take away the bone before it gets too small, and your pup tries to swallow it. Also, if your Bully has chosen to bury the bone, consuming it after a few days can be dangerous as in this timeframe, the bone may have become dry and brittle. 

Another excellent option for those extra-concerned dog owners would be opting for a chewing stick or factory-made bone.

Although these alternatives tend to be safer than traditional bones, if your dog has allergies as mine does or digestive tract issues, it would be best if you consult your vet before buying any of them. 

You can find some amazing filled bones for your Bully on Amazon such as the:


While raw chicken bones are generally safe to eat, their cooked counterpart can be dangerous to an American Bully.

Cooked bones may become brittle and break, which can put your dog at risk if a broken fragment gets stuck in its throat, intestines, or stomach. 

Even when giving your pet raw bones, you should still be diligent and observant to make sure they are being consumed safely. A large, raw beef bone is the ideal treat for your American Bully. If you’re still unsure, you can try chewing sticks and artificial dog bones. 

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