Why Does Your American Bully Have Bumps?

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An American Bully is a delight to have around. This breed is relatively low-maintenance with little or no health issues. But the breed sometimes develops bumps on the skin that leaves their owners worried. If your American Bully also has bumps, you sure want to know why.

Why do American bullies have bumps?

Your American Bully has bumps due to insect bites, food or environmental allergens, certain medications, or acne. Dogs can also develop lumps on the skin due to abscesses, skin infections, or folliculitis. If unsure, consult your local vet for advice.

In this article, I’ll discuss the reasons your American Bully has bumps. As an XL American Bully owner, I’ve had to learn more about bully bumps than any other subject. Keep reading to discover some solutions for treating the underlying cause behind those bumps. 

Reasons Your American Bully Has Bumps

Your American Bully can develop bumps on its skin for many reasons, ranging from irritants in its food to the new laundry wash you’ve started using to skin infections. The following sections discuss why your American Bully has bumps and how you can deal with the condition:

Insect Bites

Insect bites are a common cause of skin bumps on American Bullies. This dog breed loves to be outdoors and play around in the mud and roll on the ground. They come in contact with mosquitoes, ants, and various other insects that lurk in your environment. 

A telltale sign of an insect bite is red skin in a small localized area; you probably can’t see the redness underneath your dog’s fur. Often, there’s itching, and small bumps form on the skin. If the itching persists, you can apply a soothing ointment over the area. 

However, be on the lookout for allergic reactions to insect bites. Sometimes, allergic reactions can turn severe and manifest as vomiting, lethargy, or excessive drooling. Severe allergic reactions require urgent medical attention. 

Food Allergies

american bully food allergy bumps

My dog Oso had these types of bumps on his head and legs as a puppy, turns out it was a food allergy. Very common in dogs with blue color! switching to a lamb based, no grain food completely solved it.

Like all other dog breeds, American Bullies are also vulnerable to food allergies. Some proteins, such as eggs, beef, chicken, and dairy, can trigger allergic reactions in dogs. Some dogs can be allergic to wheat and vegetables. Food allergy in American Bullies can manifest as severe itching on the face, ears, and anus. Continuous itching can cause bumps to form on the skin. 

If you suspect food allergy in your fur companion, start an elimination diet process for 8 to 12 weeks to identify the source of allergy. You can put your dog on hypoallergenic, limited ingredient dog food. Consult your vet on how best to carry out this process and what foods to avoid giving your dog during this period. 

Environmental Allergies

Environmental allergens can cause bumps to develop on your American Bully’s skin. Some common allergens present in your environment are grass, pollen, mold spores, dust mites, and household chemicals. The allergic reaction causes severe itchiness. Your pet might bite and scratch itself so much that bumps develop on the skin. 

Identifying the environmental allergen takes some effort. If you suspect your pet has an allergic reaction that’s not caused by food, try and figure out what has changed in its environment. 

Is a season change to blame? 

Are you taking a different route on your walks? 

Have you started using a different detergent to clean its bedding? 

If your dog has developed bumps on its feet or belly, it might be due to an allergen that it has come into contact with while lying down. Sometimes just removing the allergen from the environment can relieve acne and reduce skin bumps in your dog. But if this doesn’t help, consult a vet. 


American Bullies can get acne, especially during their adolescence. The acne manifests as tiny bumps on the skin, usually along the lips, chin, chest, and genital region. There may or may not be pus, but you must never prick them. 

Acne in American Bullies can be caused by an allergic reaction to food, bacterial infection or insect bites, or an environmental allergen. Hormonal changes can also cause breakouts. As an owner, you don’t have much control over these factors, except, of course, removing the allergen. 

Sometimes, poor hygiene can cause acne in your pet. Ensure you bathe your dog regularly and brush its teeth several times a week. Deep clean its bed and the places where it frequents. 

Use a medicated shampoo like the Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic & Antifungal Shampoo to bathe your dog to manage any skin infection causing the acne. However, keep an eye on how your furry baby’s skin is responding to the shampoo. Some ingredients in dog shampoos can trigger allergic reactions. 

Abscesses or Skin Infections

Abscesses or skin infections can cause bumps on your American Bully. These bumps are deeply embedded in the skin and need veterinary attention. A veterinarian removes the pus from the infected area and prescribes antibiotics to the dog.

Dirt- or oil-clogged sweat glands can cause cysts that manifest as bumps on the skin. The cysts may develop in the hair follicles or as granulomas. They sometimes resemble skin bumps caused by fly eggs or parasite infection.

Whatever the reason for the skin bumps on your American Bully, don’t squeeze or prick them—doing any of these breaks open the skin, which can lead to infections. 


Folliculitis is inflamed hair follicles that appear as bumps, sores, and scabs on the skin. This condition is a result of your dog suffering from another skin issue like allergy or mange. Your vet may prescribe medicated shampoos, antibiotic creams, and gels, or oral antibiotics to manage the condition.

Medications and Vaccinations

Sometimes dogs can develop allergic reactions to medications and vaccine shots. If your pet has begun a new medication regimen or has just received vaccine shots, keep an eye out for allergic reactions that can manifest as bumps or lumps. If your dog develops allergic reactions to its vaccine shot, the signs will show within a few hours. 

What Is the Bump on the Head of Your American Bully?

Sometimes American Bullies develop bumps on their heads. These bumps can form under the skin, in the hair follicles, on the bones, or in other tissues. 

The bump on the head of your American Bully is likely an insect bite. A large bony bump can also be due to a prominent occipital bone. This is a common and harmless condition, but consult a veterinarian if you’re concerned about underlying bone issues.

Consult Your Vet if Your Dog’s Bumps Don’t Go Away

Your American Bully can develop bumps on the skin for many different reasons. Sometimes, the issue resolves on its own, and your furry baby is back to being its usual, playful self. But a benign-looking skin bump can also hide underlying health complications. You must take your American Bully to a vet to get the skin bumps checked in the following instances:

  • Pus or blood starts to ooze from the site of the bump.
  • There are signs of infection.
  • The itchiness at the bump site gradually increases.
  • There’s severe fur loss at the bump site.
  • Your pet starts showing other symptoms after the bump develops.
  • The bump doesn’t resolve on its own after a few days.
  • You can’t figure out the cause of the bump.

Final Thoughts

Your furry baby can’t express its discomfort. Nor does it understand why it has developed a few bumps or why the bumps hurt. It’s up to you to be vigilant. If you spot a bump, make sure that you consider your pet’s habits and activities in the recent past before concluding the cause.

When you groom your dog, ensure you dedicate a few extra minutes to inspect its coat minutely for bumps. Catching bumps early lets you take remedial action right away and make your pet comfortable. 

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  1. My American pit bull has lump growing from gum tissue area between teeth. Should I be worried. Had one removed approx 2 yrs previously. Has reappeared?

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