9 Things That American Bullies Are Allergic To

oso american bully waiting for his food

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American Bullies are excellent companions. They were developed by cross-breeding different dogs and are usually calmer than their counterpart Pitbull. But like all animals, they have particular dietary requirements that you need to keep in mind.

Here are 9 things that American Bullies are often allergic to:

  1. Some dairy products
  2. Pork
  3. Fish
  4. Wheat
  5. Corn
  6. Soy
  7. Eggs
  8. Lamb
  9. Beef

The most common allergies that dogs get come from food. These allergies can range from mild rashes or itchiness to more severe health problems.

If you’re planning to own an American Bully, I recommend avoiding the 9 food items below that I’ll discuss in detail. 

1. Some Dairy Products

american bully next to glass of milk

Cheese is often used to reward dogs during training. However, you should know that too many dairy products can be extremely bad for your Bully.

Dairy products have lactose, and some dogs are lactose intolerant. The condition may lead to gas, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. 

Although American Bullies are lactose intolerant, a dairy allergy is different. Lactose intolerance can be seen as symptoms of digestive issues, while dairy allergies are visible on the skin as rashes and itches. After consuming dairy products, some dogs even develop itchiness and other non-digestion-related symptoms.

2. Pork


I decided to give pork to my dog as it’s rich in protein, but it proved to be a food allergen for American Bullies. When I read about it on sites like the American Kennel Club, I learned that uncooked pork could often cause a disease known as trichinosis. The condition is common in humans, too.

However, there are many food items available in the market, with pork as one of the ingredients. So, my suggestion is to experiment around a little to see if your American Bully can handle pork or not.

3. Fish

cooked fish

Fish is often fed to dogs since it’s an excellent source of protein. However, American Bullies may develop vomiting, diarrhea, constant scratching, licking, etc. Trust me; if you don’t want your home to be a mess, stop feeding fish.

But according to PetMD, fish is entirely safe for dogs. Sardines are widely accepted as the standard fish to feed dogs, while you should stay clear of sharks, tilefish, swordfish, king mackerel, and canned albacore tuna.

4. Wheat


This one can be controversial since dogs don’t necessarily require a gluten-free diet, unlike some humans. However, many dogs are allergic to grains, including wheat, so grain-free dog foods have gained such popularity. These foods have other products like potatoes and peas to compensate for the nutrition from grains.

There’s a problem with how wheat is stored. These grains attract dust mites, and dogs are often allergic to them. Honestly, I was undecided when I started writing this article, but I put this down anyway.

5. Corn


Though a vegetable, corn has small kernels that are sometimes not easily digested by the dog’s digestive system. Moreover, they may eat the whole corn cob rather than the kernels, making matters worse. 

But even in dogs with an overactive immune system, corn can be dangerous. It may lead to severe allergies in American Bullies with symptoms like hives, itching, abdominal cramps, intestinal blockage, vomiting, etc.

6. Soy

soy beans

Soy, rich in proteins, especially for vegetarians, can lead to allergies in American Bullies. They may develop severe medical complications like reproductive issues, growth problems, thyroid, and liver disease. 

The issue of soy in pet foods is a hotly debated topic. But many people agree that soy is bad for pets, significantly since 90% of soybeans in America are genetically modified. 

7. Eggs


The body of American Bullies overreacts to the proteins in the egg yolk, resulting in severe allergies in their body. Also, if eggs aren’t adequately cooked, your dog can get infected with Salmonella. 

However, eggs are excellent for most dogs, so it’s entirely your decision. I think boiled eggs are great, and they provide a range of nutrients like fatty acids, minerals, and protein that are vital for growth.

8. Lamb

lamb chops

Lamb meat was once marketed as a hypoallergenic item, but dog food makers have turned to other meats like bison or duck due to its increased popularity.

My dog actually doesn’t show any allergic reaction to a lamb based, no grain dog food. However some dogs may be allergic to lamb.

9. Beef


Believing the traditional thought that I must feed protein-rich foods to my dog, I fed my American Bully beef. I just want to cry and say that American Bullies are also allergic to beef.

Beef is one of the most common ingredients in dog food, and most pet owners prefer beef over other meat. In most cases, ground beef or those found in dog feed doesn’t trigger an allergic reaction. But owing to its popularity, allergies due to beef are common in dogs.  

I would suggest you rotate different types of meat. It’ll ensure that your American Bully isn’t exposed to one kind of meat that might cause allergies.

Alternative Foods for Your American Bully

The good news is that you don’t have to rely on a select few dog foods for your American Bully. There are plenty of options available on the market, including Amazon.com and Chewy.com, and most of these are great alternatives to the above foods.

Before buying any of these foods, please read the list of ingredients by visiting the page.

Victor Super Premium Dog Food

The Victor Super Premium is a grain-free food for dogs and an excellent choice as an alternative to wheat. However, it does contain premium-quality beef, pork, and fish. So, you need to be careful about feeding this to your American Bully if they are allergic to these meats.

But overall, this is a great product that contains loads of vitamins, proteins, minerals, and essential fatty acids that improves digestion and aid growth.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

The Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula is scientifically created for adult dogs with allergies. It contains chicken, brown rice, garden veggies, and fruit. The chicken is deboned, so it’s safe for puppies, too. 

This formula contains high-quality protein for muscles and carbs that provide energy. It also contains many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that improve immunity.

Purina Pro Plan (Sensitive Skin & Stomach) 

The Purina Pro Plan for adults has been specifically made for sensitive stomachs. It contains salmon and rice, so first, you need to check if your American Bully can handle fish or not. 

This food item doesn’t contain corn, wheat, or soy. It’s nutrient-rich and includes omega-6 fatty acids as well for healthy skin.

Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition

Pedigree is a well-known pet food brand, and the Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition is packed with essential nutrients for your American Bully. It contains roasted chicken, rice, and vegetables, none of which can trigger severe allergies. 

Along with vitamin B, zinc, and omega-6 fatty acid, a unique fiber improves digestion. It also has vitamin E, a well-known antioxidant and excellent for the body’s immunity.

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Dog Food

This dog food is yet another product that doesn’t have grains. Moreover, it has proteins from buffalo and bison, which isn’t that common in dog foods. Hence, the chances of getting allergies are reduced.

The other ingredients include peas, sweet potatoes, real fruits, vegetables, and dried chicory root. This food is high in protein and has antioxidants that boost overall immunity.

3 thoughts on “9 Things That American Bullies Are Allergic To”

  1. my first Pitbull, Mango, she was the only female in a litter of 11. She was a dream and my angel, and at 12 yrs old she had kidney failure and I gave her to god (so much pain she was in).
    I now have a bully, 2 as a matter of fact, sisters. My partner heard of a case where neglect and starvation was apparent so she came home from work one day with 2 of the saddest, half alive 7 week old pups I had ever seen.
    Now at 7 months old, Sage makes me think of your Oso and her sister Sasha has more of the pitbull appearance. I don’t feed them human food, they eat Hills science diet large breed puppy, suggested by my vet. It was touch and go for awhile but now they are healthy and growing like crazy. Question, Sage is sweet and friendly loves everyone! Sasha is a little stand offish, we are slower around her she seems to be afraid of her shadow and backs away from strangers. But with Sage so welcoming Sasha does ease into the room but stays close to her sister or me, I can still see her keeping a sharp eye on her surroundings . could she have been abused at such a young age, physically, maybe?
    Any suggestions, I would like her to enjoy life as much as her sister Sage does. They both go with me everywhere, just returned from a few days down Pensacola on the beach! Sand-Water-Freedom.

    1. Hi Debra, thanks for your comment! My dog was very fearful the first few months, being afraid of everything it was difficult to get him to even go outside. What I did was trying to turn scary experiences into happy ones, bringing treats and encouraging him while we were in situations he was afraid of. It worked well for me, but it took from 2 months old to about 6 months old and lots of patience/ Now he is still a bit defensive with strangers but not afraid of everything anymore and loves to explore. every dog is different 🙂 maybe you can benefit from seing a dog behaviorist, 7 months old is still young and learning phase so i’m sure it can get a lot better!

  2. I have an American bully who pretty much exactly looks like your dog.I gave him a sardine last night but he’s had fish once in a blue moon as he’s on a barf diet w occasional kibble.im not a big fan of kibble though but also my Brutus has allergies he doesn’t have it to turkey or beef he has it to some non organic meats.Always better to get grass fed if you are getting beef or very low fat 90/10 grd beef.hes had digestive issues in the past he had a pancreatitic lipase and his blood levels are okay rt now he’s ten and a half.ill feed a salmon fresh caught steak once every two or three months the sardine he had had I think once before so far I only gave him one and no problems I’ll probably space it out a few days to give him another and you can take the oil from can and that has benefits too.so I include egg whites turmeric by the root, bran flakes, pumpkin canned,sweet potato fresh cut,summer squash butternut fresh cut,celery ,carrots ,green beans I rotate his vegetables and meat he’s in super duper health and has a ravenous appetite and lots of energy.you gotta get fish in there dude someway somehow because it has enzyme q10 w is an immunity booster.you can also use ginger ,
    Organic kale 🥬 cabbage or other veggies w the meat and always rotate your dog is a total cutie 🥰 btw !!

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